It looks like a rather large rabbit has decided to take up residence in my backyard. And by rather large, I’m gonna go ahead and guess “preggo” since (1) it’s a friggin RABBIT and (2) bunny has definitely decided that my walled-in backyard is a safe spot, unlike the coyote filled nearby woods.

Not sure how she got in the yard – either by squeezing under my gate or squeezing through the small weep holes drilled through the bottom of my front wall.

I haven’t seen her during the day, but at night she’s set off my motion light or I’ve seen her when I switched it on. Seeing me in the window made her run away and hide in the rosemary the other night, but tonight she got braver and simply stared at me.

She’s got my number. Probably the local bobcat told her “Oh that guy? He’s a total patsy.”

I found a small hole dug in one spot in the yard. I’m sure tomorrow I’ll find another. I really don’t care if momma bunny digs a nest and births her babies back there. I let my back lawn die years ago during the drought. And although they won’t have to worry about my gardener’s lawnmower, that leaf blower noise might scare the crap out of them.

Maybe momma rabbit will grow some brains and dig her nest into the side of the hill where the rosemary grows instead of smack in the middle of my dead back lawn, pretty much just a flat field of moss now.

Or maybe not. There’s a reason why rabbits have to multiply the way they do, and that’s because of Darwinist principles that have them raising babies in the middle of someone’s backyard, which from up on high must look like a bullseye to a passing hawk or owl.

I just read this about rabbits’ nests in yards, and it makes me think I’m right about what’s happening.

What I’m actually more skittish about is my memory of a coyote leaping my wall while chasing some animal a couple of years ago and getting trapped in my backyard. When I woke up, he was wandering around the yard wondering how to get out because, well, coyotes are pretty stupid. A coyote leaping that wall to get to a baby rabbit nest would be, well, following the course of nature and all, and I realize it happens in the wild all the time, but I really don’t want to look out my window and watch baby rabbit buffet happen.

Because it won’t go like this.

Then again, with my cat gone a couple of years now, maybe I’m being given a new pet of sorts. If I do find a nest back there, I’ll leave some lettuce leaves or carrot greens near it, maybe.

The bobcat is right.

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