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Three NFL Playoff Bets January 21, 2017

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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I never bet for or against a team I root for (meaning the Patriots in this case), but nevertheless I have three picks relating to this weekend’s conference championship games that I’m very confident with.

While the Patriots are 6 point favorites over the visiting Steelers, the Steelers were the LAST team I wanted to come to Foxboro for the title game since they’ll be the toughest foe the Pats could face. While the Patriots played great down the stretch, the only time they faced a quarterback at the top tier was Wilson & the Seahawks, and they lost. And while they beat the Texans by a sizable point margin last week, they played poorly in nearly every aspect of the game. And the Steelers are 7-0 when Rothelsberger, Brown and Bell all play. And I’m a worry-wart.

In any case, it’ll be a great matchup, and I don’t think Pittsburgh will be held to nothing but field goals by what can often be an erratic Patriot secondary. And Brady should be able to slice through the Pittsburgh secondary. So why is the over/under only 50 1/2??

So while not picking a winner, I would definitely take the OVER 50.5 in the Steelers/Patriots game.

Over in the NFC,  with the whoever-has-the-ball-last wins likelihood scenario of another high-scoring shootout between the high powered offenses & quarterbacks involved, the historically high 60.5 over/under figure seems low to me. Again, take the OVER 60.5 in the NFC game, and while once again I can’t be sure of a winner, I can be fairly confident in the game being decided by a narrow margin, so the 5 1/2 point spread seems excessive. Take the Packers plus the 5 1/2 since I think they’d beat that spread even if they lose.

Any one of these four teams could make sense as a Superbowl winner this year. I hope it’s my team, and even for you Pats haters and non-fans…. you KNOW you also hate Roger Goodell, and you KNOW how great it would be for him to have to totally eat shit and hand Kraft, Belichick & Brady that trophy.

I’d like to see it go down like this (except with the Pats winning, of course….)


Patriots 38, Bills 7 September 23, 2007

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Five touchdowns scored by four different people and a defense shutting down the opponent.

Just another day at the office.

At Cincy, next Monday night…. fasten your seatbelts!

Patriots 38, Chargers 14 September 16, 2007

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So now we know the answer to the question “Will it distract them, or fire them up?”

Same score as last week and against a better team. Let’s go to the videotape… oh wait, I guess that wasn’t a factor.

Rant Begins: Goodell keeps acting like there’s another shoe about to drop, however. Maybe if Brady did as many promotions and advertising tie-ins as league pet Peyton Manning, they’d leave my team alone. Or maybe they can make them play with giant weights attached to their ankles, Harrison Bergeron style SINCE THEY ARE CLEARLY THE BEST TEAM OUT THERE, DAMMIT! End of Rant.

Okay, they’re no Brown. I’ll give you that.

Next week, Buffalo! Someone call cigarette-smoking man!