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The New Wagstaff Book Is Imminent! March 6, 2017

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In the proofing stages now after finally settling on a cover concept I liked. Look for availability on Amazon and elsewhere in a few weeks!

Here’s an excerpt from the back cover blurb:

On his way back to Providence for a college reunion weekend, Wagstaff saves the life of an art professor who turns out to be the son of a longtime Rhode Island Mafia chief.  From there, our Professor concocts a trail though feuding mob factions, old college friends and rivals, a long lost Caravaggio masterpiece, and the ecstasies of Rhode Island cuisine. As the bodies begin to pile up, Wagstaff realizes the stakes are a lot higher than who will run the local bookmaking rackets, and the flirtations from the Don’s daughter might be literally playing with fire… which means, once again, its time to play “You Bet Your Life!”

Coming Soon!

My Guest Blog, Over At Omnimystery News! August 14, 2012

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I wrote a little entry on some recent encounters with the kind of pop culture synchronicities that inspired the plot engine of Cut To Wagstaff for a blog devoted to all things mystery.
Click on this link to check it out!

I’ve Been Marked Down June 30, 2012

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That was fast – I mean, geez… the book has only been up on Amazon now for only 2 weeks, been selling okay, and they marked me down a few bucks?

According to the powers-that-be, Amazon does this for whatever reasons they want, whenever they want. I have no friggin’ clue as to why this would happen now, as opposed to, oh, several months from now. Somehow my sales rate must have set off some preset algorithm in the Amazon pricing structure.

They said it wouldn’t affect my royalties, however, so HUZZAH!

On the other hand, it makes me feel a tad cheap without feeling sexy to go with it. And now I have nightmarish images of myself sitting next to The Starland Vocal Band 8-tracks in the $1.98 bargain bin.

Don’t forget to order your copy of Cut To Wagstaff here! Thanks!

My Novel Is Up On Amazon – Go Buy It Now! June 15, 2012

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Here it is, everyone… my comic noir mystery novel, with a main character who might seem familiar.

Here’s the description from Amazon:

“Professor Wagstaff ” – who combines James Bond & Sherlock Holmes with Groucho Marx – is the code name of a freelance intelligence agent. He’s an expert on far too many things – and an all around wisecracking nudnik. Wagstaff deciphers clues only he can see as true Jungian synchronicities. After matching them up to the endless storehouse of narratives in his overloaded brain… songs, movies, television, art…. Wagstaff follows those narratives wherever they may lead. Does it work? Does it actually solve crimes and uncover hidden international conspiracies? How could it not? Follow along with Wagstaff – he’ll be your irreverent guide to his mind and adventures. When one of his colleagues goes missing, Wagstaff follows a trail of not-so-coincidental coincidences that lead to stolen diamonds, missing lady scientists, accidents that look more like murders and a secret plot to take over the minds of everyone on Earth! After all, what else could possibly be concluded from Wagsaff’s mental mishmash of The Third Man, Diamonds Are Forever and Rigoletto? Well, there’s also a billionaire hot dog magnate who may or may not be behind it all, dreams featuring celebrities foretelling the future and random baseball trivia to round out Wagstaff’s peculiar way of seeing reality. And why does Wagstaff’s ex-girlfriend keep turning up wherever the clues lead? Surely that must be only a coincidence, since Groucho always needs a Margaret Dumont to play off of … or is she in on the plot? After all, if Wagstaff really believes in Jungian synchronicity, it means there are no such things as coincidences…

Check it out! You can read the first chapter & most of the second on the kindle preview too. Buy some & help FEED MY KITTY, never mind her vet bills. Oy.

Order in in paperback from Amazon – click here

Order It On Kindle from Amazon – click here