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Reviews Are Starting To Appear May 2, 2017

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So far, so good!

If you’ve read the new Wagstaff mystery, please post a review!

Big-time professional reviews forthcoming…. I gotta wait in line behind some other books for those.

Get your copy here & read an excerpt (the Kindle one is longer!)

It’s also part of Kindle Unlimited – so it’s FREE to check out if you’re on that service! The first Wagstaff book is too! Click here!

The current debate I’m having in my own li’l mind is whether or not to advertise the book in an upcoming Brown Alumni Monthly issue focusing on Brown authors.

I’m not sure how Brown will react to the book. Sure, I set it at an alumni weekend and offer all sorts of descriptions of Brown, Providence and its environs, with numerous episodes around town in restaurants, legendary RI food must-haves like Allie’s Donuts or Iggy’s Clamcakes.  An actual reunion I attended at Brown a few years ago inspired much of this one, ranging from the classmates I reconnected with to the changes in downtown Providence and the spectacle of WaterFire. I worked it all in, all within a story involving the special brand of Rhode Island mafia I grew up around.

So, yeah, there’s plenty of local color to go around, but I HAD to include some episodes satirizing academic classes at Brown. While it was tempting to go after the truly low-hanging fruit of current day safe space grievance studies, I saved the biggest rant for a film class I actually took back in the day, a class that made me sit through pretentious anti-cinema for semiotic purposes & totally got Hitchcock wrong.

Well, I felt like I got some revenge with that small section of my story. But I’m not sure how Brown will react to it, since it’s the hook I’d use in the advertising.

The troublemaker in me says to do it.

And the cheapskate says only if it’s not too much money.

So, we’ll see.

I have nice things to say in the book about the Brown band and the art at the RISD museum. Some of it even figures into the mystery.

The real debate is whether or not it will increase or decrease the chances of that honorary doctorate, right?

Check it out for yourself! And don’t forget to add to the reviews! Thanks!






Coming Very Soon…. The First Wagstaff Novel! May 26, 2012

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That’s right, folks – my correction proof is on its way to Casa De Wagstaff for my last examination before mission control gets the all-systems-go alert and the book becomes available.

Most likely ETA for this will be mid-June 2012.

And you wondered where I’d been during all that time of extra-light blogging… well, BESIDES drinking & gambling & cat petting, I’d been composing the first in what I hope to be a series of comic mystery thrillers.  If you’ve liked following the blog & the weird connections I make, you’ll love the book.

Once my book is in distribution, I’ll add a section to this site providing info & links, as well as room for other books. I also have an older children’s adventure novel that I should have available after a quick edit & polish, and then my task is to write the Second Wagstaff novel, which I’ve already plotted out pretty thoroughly, thank you very much.

So be on the lookout, and enjoy the miscellany & cat comics in the meantime!