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Cut To Wagstaff Gets Thumbs Up From Kirkus Reviews! July 30, 2012

Posted by Jim Berkin in Books, Writing.
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Ah, critical approval! We all want the professional critics to love us (Well, except for all those times Pauline Kael rang my phone at 3AM expecting booty call. I tried to tell her… “I WORK for a living, baby! I gotta get up in the morning!” But she just didn’t listen…)

Noted book review outfit Kirkus Reviews gave my novel a pretty positive write up – you can read it all here.

It’ll be interesting to see what this is actually worth once it hits my Amazon page in a few days.

I thought the last couple of lines from the review were good enough to put on my back cover:

Berkin pulls out all the stops; no big screen moment is lost in this tale. A quirky conglomeration of popular culture that’s worth the price of admission.

I can live with that. I also like when they refer to the main character as “possibly insane” since I based him on me.  At least they “got it.” The big fear of any comedian is that the jokes simply fly over the heads of the audience. That might be fun when I’m insulting someone in real life (especially if they’re bigger than me) but when my aim is to entertain and keep people turnin’ those pages, those jokes better be burning solid fuel.

So what are you still doing here? Go buy the book!