Gone Hollywood

The ESPN ribbon under the Yankee/Red Sox game I’m watching keeps flashing the breaking news that LeBron James has signed with the LA Lakers.

4 years, 154 million. Magic Johnson ain’t screwing around.

I scoffed at the endless speculation over this all during last season, and I’ll admit I’m a little surprised. Yeah, he has a house out here and is clearly interested in tv/movie production. But he’s already a national brand and coulda handled that from anywhere. I saw him staying in the east, or even with Cleveland for another year.

But there we are.

We’ll hear plenty how if he manages to win a championship with the current mostly young Laker team, after taking two other teams to championships previously.. how THIS PROVES IT!!!!! he’s better than Jordan, bla bla bla.

I’m sure we can assume a Golden State/LA Laker western conference playoff battle, perhaps even the conference final, I’m sure all the fans will go for that. And then, once LeBron and his new team manage to conquer Golden State, imagine the irony when they lose to the Celtics in the finals overall. Continue reading “Gone Hollywood”


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