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Get This EP: Hey! It’s The Pandoras (2018) March 28, 2018

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Holy crap! A reconstituted Pandoras, recording for the first time in 29 years (eek!) under the name, came out this week!

It leads off with a cover of “It’s Getting Harder All The Time,” an old Wayne Fontana tune, and then launches into a mini-set of songs penned by original Pandora’s founder Paula Pierce, who died in 1991.

Kim Shattuck and Melanie Vammen, who had left the original Pandoras long ago to form The Muffs, a great band Shattuck has been fronting since, team up with bassist Karen Basset and drummer Hillary Burton for what’s basically an album side of some great power pop/punk-ish stuff. Shattuck tones down her Muffs’ style screams and growls a bit here, and Vammen’s farfisas underscore throughout.

The Pandoras got less pop/punk and more hard rock after Shattuck & Vammen departed, and the songs they do here are from the earlier (and better, imo) period.

Listening to this was a nice reminder of ’80s music I liked a lot.


So is it a rebirth of the band? Will they go on to produce new material? Or is it basically a mini-reunion and tribute to Pierce?

It’s a great 22 minutes, but I hope it’s the beginning of new material getting produced.

Get it here!  Yeah yeah, it’s also on iTunes and Amazon and all the rest, too.


Spring Cleaning, 2018 Edition March 25, 2018

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Took some time around the NCAAs today to put together two big bags of clothes to bring to Goodwill.

Not MY clothes. I broke into my neighbor’s house and took theirs. I’ll clean out my closets another day.

But seriously folks… unloaded maybe a half dozen knits, a few dress shirts, a bunch of T-shirts I’ve gathered over the years and have NEVER work, some still sealed in bags, some pants, and an old blacker-than-black sport jacket with some too-big ’90s era shoulder pads.

Some stuff was too beat up to donate, so into the trash it went.

Some other stuff in the backs & bottoms of some dresser drawers might be worth salvaging, with some laundering and freshening up.  I’m a creature of habit, and once I got into a particular pattern of clothes, I stopped wearing a lot of stuff I had that’s pretty nice. Made myself a promise to work them into the routine more often. So far, so good. Finding them in the drawers & closet was kinda like buying a bunch of swell new clothes but not spending any money. I recommend the sensation. I usually only experience it when I rediscover some great book I bought, shelved to read later, and then forgot about for months or even years.

Which reminds me,  I ought to go through all the books and do the exact same thing I just did with the wardrobe.

And for the same exact reason – to create room for all the new crap I will surely go out and get next.

It’s not easy being me.


I Watched Every Episode March 24, 2018

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Franz & Jurasik were brilliant together.

It “wasn’t tea with the freakin’ queen,” but it was entertaining.

How Will I Spend My Vacation? March 23, 2018

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Mostly relaxing and living the life of leisure.

I’ll work thru the ol’ DVR build-up, the book pile, and generally goof off. I guess review posts will be forthcoming on a lot of the material I plow through.

And Wagstaff 3 will get lots of attention since I’d like to have a detailed chapter outline completed very soon.

We will begin with a big shrimp marinara dinner, wine & sleeping in, however.

This Photo Sums Up How My Day Is Going March 23, 2018

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The Immortal Babe Eats A Nutritious Breakfast March 22, 2018

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A nice big bowl of puffed wheat… followed by two dozen hot dogs, some ham sandwiches, a dozen eggs, big stack of pancakes, a side of bacon, three stuffed lobsters and a porterhouse, rare.

All washed down with a fifth of bourbon, eight bottles of soda, and a case or two of beer.

Oh, and a coffee. Two sugars, cream.

All done, Babe?

Time for the morning workout. Five, no make that six hookers.  Remember, you’re in training.

Opening day is just a week away!

And how ‘BOUT them Yankees?

Baseball Card Of The Day: 1992 Robin Yount (Fleer) March 21, 2018

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Not sure what the graphic designers of this beauty were thinking. “Let’s give Robin a longer neck, and put him into a CONCEPT LANDSCAPE! I can SEE IT NOW!!!! A UNIVERSE OF BASEBALLS!!!! With Robin Yount, all-star shortstop, first ballot hall of famer, SURVEYING THE PLANETARY UNIVERSE OF BASEBALLS LIKE A HAPPY GREEK GOD…”

Seriously, wtf is up with this card?

I like the idea of surrealist influenced baseball card art, though. They should have done more of it, or hired Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte and so forth to design their cards. Yount’s ’92 Fleer bizarro card reminds me of Dali’s Galatea with all those floating spheres, maybe a little of a Magritte sky of fluffy clouds.

Or just replace that green apple in front of the guy’s face with a baseball, perhaps.

Baseball cards would be a lot more interesting if they were done in styles of great artists and well known paintings. A team photo staged as Velazquez’ “Las Meninas.” Michaelangelo’s God giving life to Adam as one of those “Casey Teaches” type cards with Reggie Jackson in heaven with the ’77 Yanks touching Aaron Judge’s finger in Eden. Perhaps Clayton Kershaw could pose as the “Dodger Blue Boy.”

I’d start buying bubblegum packs again, for what that’s worth.


A Rainy Day Post March 21, 2018

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What I assume will be the final big ol’ rainstorm for this rainy season in SoCal is underway. I’ll get about 5 inches where I live (which is what Stormy Daniels said, HIYO!) but some of those burn areas are gonna get a lot more, and mudslides loom. Ugh.

Earlier this year, I had my drains retrofitted and added a back-up drain line from low laying yard to street, one that would NOT pass through a rather invasive network of pepper tree roots. Last year’s version of this storm only lasted 1 day and not 2 like this one will, but it produced a small lake in my backyard that I do not want repeated. I look forward to my new system passing this test. Though being EXTRA PARANOID, I also have the back-up safety valve option of this pump ready to go, if somehow the roots previously clogging my gutter drains all grew back in the last couple of months.

My freeway drive in this mess won’t be as pleasant as Caillebotte’s pleasant stroll through Paris. I love how he gets the little puddles between the cobblestones, especially versus the shine on the sidewalk, and the overall cloudy/rainy day dullness of the colors.

Take five minutes, JUST FIVE LOUSY MINUTES, COME ON, DAMN YOU, and watch this:


It’s a lot less crowded than my drive home will be.

If A Threesome With Bea Arthur Is A Crime, We All Want To Be Guilty March 20, 2018

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God’ll get you for that, Wagstaff.

This Hits Close To Home March 18, 2018

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… but I can still do the friggin’ NYT Sunday puzzle in under 15 minutes.