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And I Get All Excited If I Find A Nickel On My Evening Walk August 14, 2018

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This guy certainly did better.

He’s a musician who lives with his mom. I hope they gave him a sizable reward. Maybe he can finally move out of the house now, and find the rest of the orchestra.



I Don’t Trust These Visitors July 25, 2018

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One of them smells like a tart’s handkerchief too.

Morning Mood July 24, 2018

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The world is out to get me, as usual.

My Useless Yet Strangely Interesting Psychic Powers July 18, 2018

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Earlier today I thought of comedian/actor Art Metrano for no apparent reason. I was working on some stuff and reading about investment techniques.

It was totally random for me to be thinking about him (Sorry, Art) and nothing I’d watched in recent days/weeks/months featured him.

He just popped into my mind somehow. Didn’t know why, just kept thinking and eventually the strange tracks of my mind went elsewhere, maybe even towards what I was actually working on at the time.

And then tonight, he turned up in a small guest role on a rerun of WKRP I just watched.

It also featured Tom Dreesen, Tim Reid’s old stand-up partner. I’d watched a youtube vid of Dreesen telling a Sinatra story earlier today.

Some guys think about girls. Some psychics solve murder cases or hit the lottery.

I predict Art Metrano & Tom Dreesen rerun appearances.

This kind of crap happens to me all the time. It’s actually part of what inspired the Wagstaff detective books.

Should I set up a TV monitor on a street corner and put down a hat for contributions as I predict the next Burt Mustin appearance?


Or perhaps I should pitch myself to Marvel as their new star, the superhero with the most useless power ever?

Well, unless the Avengers want to know what’s good on TV tonight.



I Am Always Right About Everything July 10, 2018

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A month ago I posted my theory that the IHOP name change was a publicity scam, and less than a month later, they have admitted as such.

It was all a stunt to promote their burgers.


EXCEPT when it comes to college football betting, pro football betting, horse racing picks & stock picks if I decide to start posting those to help you lose money.

I also had Carrot Top predicted for the Supreme Court, and flew all the way to London to bet it, putting up my house and everything¬† I own. I also bought a first class ticket at the last minute figuring I’d make the money back on the pick. Probably a bad idea.

BUT EVERYTHING ELSE…. man, it’s just GOLD!



Disturbing Quotation Marks For Today July 9, 2018

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I’m ready to order a few pounds of tongue. You?

Gone Hollywood July 1, 2018

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The ESPN ribbon under the Yankee/Red Sox game I’m watching keeps flashing the breaking news that LeBron James has signed with the LA Lakers.

4 years, 154 million. Magic Johnson ain’t screwing around.

I scoffed at the endless speculation over this all during last season, and I’ll admit I’m a little surprised. Yeah, he has a house out here and is clearly interested in tv/movie production. But he’s already a national brand and coulda handled that from anywhere. I saw him staying in the east, or even with Cleveland for another year.

But there we are.

We’ll hear plenty how if he manages to win a championship with the current mostly young Laker team, after taking two other teams to championships previously.. how THIS PROVES IT!!!!! he’s better than Jordan, bla bla bla.

I’m sure we can assume a Golden State/LA Laker western conference playoff battle, perhaps even the conference final, I’m sure all the fans will go for that. And then, once LeBron and his new team manage to conquer Golden State, imagine the irony when they lose to the Celtics in the finals overall. (more…)

I Will Invent A Conspiracy Theory June 12, 2018

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This week’s news that IHOP, the International House of Pancakes, is changing its name to IHOB, the International House of Burgers, has struck many people as a monumentally stupid piece of rebranding.

Other burger chains trolled IHOP on Twitter, and social media buzzed with everyone’s hot take on it all.

Well, here’s mine – I think they’re trying to pull a New Coke on us.

If you’re not familiar with the New Coke conspiracy theory (to which I am a believer), Coke wanted to save money back in the early 80s by switching from the rising costs of cane sugar to the cheaper price of corn syrup to use as the sweetener in coke.

But as all of us who prefer Mexican Coke know, Coke made with cane sugar tastes different – slightly less sweet, slightly less syrupy.

If they switch sweeteners on Coke and do nothing else, they’ll ALREADY have a “New” Coke out there they’ll have to defend… I’m sure taste tests responding to the success of the Pepsi Challenge ads of the day told them that people noticed the difference in their oh-so-special formula, one that supposedly NO ONE could ever copy… so if people could taste a difference, they’d be destroying their own brand.

Destroy your brand, or pay through the nose for sugar forever?

OR – a clever con job! Formulate a FAKE New Coke that tastes like flat Pepsi, take sugar-Coke off the market and ONLY sell the Fake New Coke for just a few months, until peoples’ palates forget and the shelves are clear of the old stock.

THEN when your Fake New Coke inevitably bombs, make a big deal of a supposed “apology,” bring back what you tell people is the Old Coke they remember with a load of hoopla – only this time with the corn syrup – and everyone will be GLAD to have their “old” Coke back, and that they beat a big corporation, and that the big corporation listened to them, and all the free publicity as sales go right back up and keep going….all the while people not realizing that the formula has been switched after all.


Look closely on the grassy knoll in the Zapruder film… you’ll see that Coke bottle.

Bill Cosby drugged us all into believing it, too!

Anyway, whether or not the New Coke Conspiracy Theory is true, it’s well known enough that I think IHOP is trying the same thing.

IHOPs main competition, Denny’s, has been kicking its ass for the past few years. Denny’s revenues and earnings are steadily rising at a decent clip, with a nice jump recently in the past quarter, up an impressive 25%. Their stock is up a whopping 50% in the past year – think about that, the value of that company has grown by one half – have they – in one year? – added 50% more restaurants out there?

Where the FUCK would they put them? On top of the Denny’s that are ALREADY there, at every god damn highway stop in existence?

Nope – it’s same store sales that are up. And NOT just at breakfast, but throughout the day.

IHOP’s company, Dine Equity, also owns Appleby’s. Their stock, revenues, and earnings have tanked in the past three years, off about 20-25% from their peak. And lately the stock has a head and shoulders chart pattern, which often bodes badly.

IHOPs weakness has ALWAYS been their non-breakfast menu. So how do you compete with Denny’s?

Rebrand yourself as the lunch/dinner place via the “burger” ruse, get a lot of publicity… and get people to defend your pancakes.

Look online at how many “Who makes better pancakes, IHOP or Denny’s?” crapola there is.

Get people to defend your pancakes. That’s what this is ALL about.

Got pancakes in your name? CHANGE IT.

Oh, but not too expensively – just FLIP A LETTER IN YOUR EXISTING SIGNS AND LOGOS.

Think how easy it’ll be to flip it back in several months if I’m right and it’s “Here’s your old Coke!” all over again, and they look for the breakfast and pancake biz to go up as more people jump on Team IHOP and off the Denny’s train.

I’m not emotional about this (despite my clear insanity, thanks), I really could give a shit. I usually look for mom & pop type diners to find really good pancakes. I miss one in Burbank called Barron’s that burned down many years ago and never reopened.

To be honest, I’m fine with breakfast in either IHOP or Denny’s although I must admit, I’d never think of IHOP for anything BUT breakfast, and that’s what I think they’re trying to change.

I just wanna see if I wind up being right about this.


To paraphrase Frank Gorshin as The Riddler: EVERY CYNICAL BONE IN MY BODY WILL CRY HUZZAH! HUZZAH!


<– Bonus points if you recognize this guy.

Who Wants To Tell Them It’s Not Chocolate? June 11, 2018

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For that fresh, clean feeling.

I’ve Never Seen These Two Together In Color June 8, 2018

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Until today.

“I hope my Kodachrome impresses you, Rick.”

“It does, Ugarte. I am impressed with you now.”