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You’d Think She’d Look Happier April 19, 2018

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Go On, Knock It Off April 13, 2018

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And then he’ll give you an old fashioned FIST BEATING!


Even Though It’s April Fools’ Day, Here’s Some Ironic Truth April 1, 2018

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I’ve been way more active on this blog lately, a result of abandoning Facebook posting about a month and half ago. I’m only direct messaging people and playing Scrabble on it these days. Got tired of the endless stream of shit in the newsfeed. Got tired of seeing SO much bad info being spread and feeling totally powerless to affect any of it. Insult added to injury when Facebook’s spiffy new idiotic “fake news” algorithms would block me from posting links to comment threads that illustrated where someone’s lame-ass meme was off base. And lest ye think I was posting links to the psychic down the street, Facebook blocked links I posted from the Washington Post & NPR (never mind how any of us might feel about either of those…. but seriously, Facebook?).

So I figured I’d move my silly posts and such back to here, and perhaps it’d spur me to return to writing the longer blog pieces on movies or TV shows or music or whatever, and it’s mostly worked. But this Oatmeal comic certainly rings true – I still have my blog linked to a Facebook author page, and I constantly get notifications (and now by email) to purchase boosts for my posts.

Um, no thanks.

I’ve yet to see Facebook as a real source of traffic for this blog. My best traffic has come from particular posts that got linked somewhere else online. And from what I can tell, they usually don’t translate into higher book sales. And that’s really the main thing I’m interested in if I’m gonna drive more traffic to this blog.

I’m hoping that all the negative vibes Facebook, Twitter, and the like have been getting will mean a return to the more indy-open field  blogosphere of many years ago. Maybe people will learn to use bookmarks and subscription notifications again. And then people can write and read whatever the hell they want and evaluate for themselves.

Although…. look how stupid they are on Facebook with the confirmation-biased memes.

Fuck it all.

Face the truth:


Don’t Listen To That Shiksa, Moses! You’re Meant For So Much More! March 30, 2018

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Didn’t you see how she screwed around with Margot Channing’s marriage?

She’ll play two different villains on Batman fer chrissakes!


Get in touch with your SECRET INNER JEW!

Cross the desert, it’ll be worth it, Lily Munster awaits!

ABC’s annual airing of the Jewish Wizard of Oz will be tomorrow night, the Saturday before Easter, as it is every year.

And I always wind up watching all or a decent part of it. Yeah, I know…. over the top scenery chewing, incredibly stilted dialogue, bla bla bla….


Moses, Jewish law AND God versus a lineup of villains played by Vincent Price, Edward G. Robinson and Yul Brynner? How can you not LOVE that??

They loved it in 1956, and you’ll love it today!

It’s how I want my Bible movies, too. I don’t want them to look like reality, especially the earlier you go in the Bible. The cinematic landscape has to transcend reality towards the imagination of the spiritual. DeMille’s epic scale, amazing use of color and imagery – combined with the clunkiness of silent-era style actor blocking and shot framing all come together to produce such a landscape. Other Bible films don’t measure up. I like lots of  ’em too – both the silent DeMille and Nicholas Ray versions of King of Kings, Zefferelli’s TV miniseries Jesus of Nazareth,  as well as quasi-Bible films like Ben-Hur… but none of them resonate in the memory like The Ten Commandments does.

Especially when you watch the damn thing every year for decades. I must have seen this film three dozen times by now.

So have a Happy Passover, everyone. And a Happy Easter to all the goyim! Remember, The Last Supper was a Passover Seder. I bet Judas cheated to find the afikomen and get a shekel from Jesus. It would be in character.

So let it be written, so let it be done!



Spring Cleaning, 2018 Edition March 25, 2018

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Took some time around the NCAAs today to put together two big bags of clothes to bring to Goodwill.

Not MY clothes. I broke into my neighbor’s house and took theirs. I’ll clean out my closets another day.

But seriously folks… unloaded maybe a half dozen knits, a few dress shirts, a bunch of T-shirts I’ve gathered over the years and have NEVER work, some still sealed in bags, some pants, and an old blacker-than-black sport jacket with some too-big ’90s era shoulder pads.

Some stuff was too beat up to donate, so into the trash it went.

Some other stuff in the backs & bottoms of some dresser drawers might be worth salvaging, with some laundering and freshening up.  I’m a creature of habit, and once I got into a particular pattern of clothes, I stopped wearing a lot of stuff I had that’s pretty nice. Made myself a promise to work them into the routine more often. So far, so good. Finding them in the drawers & closet was kinda like buying a bunch of swell new clothes but not spending any money. I recommend the sensation. I usually only experience it when I rediscover some great book I bought, shelved to read later, and then forgot about for months or even years.

Which reminds me,  I ought to go through all the books and do the exact same thing I just did with the wardrobe.

And for the same exact reason – to create room for all the new crap I will surely go out and get next.

It’s not easy being me.


How Will I Spend My Vacation? March 23, 2018

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Mostly relaxing and living the life of leisure.

I’ll work thru the ol’ DVR build-up, the book pile, and generally goof off. I guess review posts will be forthcoming on a lot of the material I plow through.

And Wagstaff 3 will get lots of attention since I’d like to have a detailed chapter outline completed very soon.

We will begin with a big shrimp marinara dinner, wine & sleeping in, however.

This Photo Sums Up How My Day Is Going March 23, 2018

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A Rainy Day Post March 21, 2018

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What I assume will be the final big ol’ rainstorm for this rainy season in SoCal is underway. I’ll get about 5 inches where I live (which is what Stormy Daniels said, HIYO!) but some of those burn areas are gonna get a lot more, and mudslides loom. Ugh.

Earlier this year, I had my drains retrofitted and added a back-up drain line from low laying yard to street, one that would NOT pass through a rather invasive network of pepper tree roots. Last year’s version of this storm only lasted 1 day and not 2 like this one will, but it produced a small lake in my backyard that I do not want repeated. I look forward to my new system passing this test. Though being EXTRA PARANOID, I also have the back-up safety valve option of this pump ready to go, if somehow the roots previously clogging my gutter drains all grew back in the last couple of months.

My freeway drive in this mess won’t be as pleasant as Caillebotte’s pleasant stroll through Paris. I love how he gets the little puddles between the cobblestones, especially versus the shine on the sidewalk, and the overall cloudy/rainy day dullness of the colors.

Take five minutes, JUST FIVE LOUSY MINUTES, COME ON, DAMN YOU, and watch this:


It’s a lot less crowded than my drive home will be.

This Hits Close To Home March 18, 2018

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… but I can still do the friggin’ NYT Sunday puzzle in under 15 minutes.





Happy St. Patrick’s Day March 17, 2018

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It’s green.