Friday Art: Cats by Franz Marc (1910) + A Pair of Peter Cushing Films

Marc is considered a German Expressionist, although this work, with its super-bright colorful thick swirly brushstrokes, suggests a lot of Van Gogh and general post-impressionist influence.

Marc loved painting animals with a wild color palette. Most of his works depict animals and wildlife. He got drafted into the German army in World War 1 and put into the infantry. By the middle of the war, Germany realized artists were valuable and started transferring notable ones out of the army. But before the orders reached him, Marc was killed at the Battle of Verdun, along with lots and lots of other people.

It’s best to think more about the kitties, isn’t it?

I visited a local pet supply store today just to pet the black cat who lives there. Turns out he’s got a case of the fleas, since one of the tiny little bastards bit me on the hand. If I die from bubonic plague, let it be known that I went out the way I wanted to – petting some lazy ass cat.

I’d like to think Marc went out the same way. It’s the romantic in me.

And yes, more cat pictures and stories. I can’t help myself. I’m fascinated, hypnotized and soulfully owned by the furry little bastards, I admit it. I’ll even watch stupid movies if they’re centered around cats, like my review of “Eye of The Cat” a while back. This time, cats led me to a Peter Cushing film which was not that good, and then another Peter Cushing film that was out and out excellent.

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I may have to create an Instagram just to follow Indonesian artist Fransdita Muafidin on it since his entire account is devoted to photoshops of giant cats in various scenes.

Here’s a video compilation of some of his work.

Why can’t the bad traffic I deal with daily be caused by giant cats? At least then it’d be worth it.


To cheer myself up: The local pet supply store I used to get stuff from has a big black store cat. So I went over there just to pet the cat, something I do every now and then when I’m jonesin’ for cat petting.

Well, I must have done it right today, since he decided to get up right in my face and HEAD BUTT ME while purring. Those of us well-versed in cat language understand that means he decided he LOVES ME!!!!

So that was definitely the high point of my day.

Then I trolled the Goodwill around the corner and scored a very nice dark blue 100% Camels Hair jacket in my size for only ten bucks. HELL YEAH!

And then I restocked on wines from Trader Joe’s, and despite the fact that they insist on rearranging that damn store every time I walk in, I managed to find what I wanted.

Now I think I’ll make myself a drink, start preparing dinner, and watch the rest of my bracket go to hell.

Friday Art: Still Life With Cat & Fish by Jean Baptiste Simeon Chardin (1728)

Chardin was a wonderful French late-Baroque painter of still lifes and domestic scenes. He painted realistic tranquil settings and enjoyed success during his life, including selling some works to King Louis XV. As he got older though, his sight faded,he had to switch to pastels to see what he was doing and his art style fell out of fad with the snooty French academy. His work fell into obscurity before being rediscovered in the middle of the 19th century when French (and other) artists of that era returned to the same sorts of realistic styles, themes, and subject matter and got away from either the puffy flying seraphim of the Roccoco era or the stiff-armed noble society-savers and blemish-less figures of David and Ingres et al.

By the mid 19th century, more scenes of the real life of average people appeared, whether it was Millet or Daumier or others, and the still lifes and landscapes gave us back some rustic qualities. And artists returned to painting the things that REALLY MATTER: CATS.


Well, maybe not… cats have always been wonderful subjects for artists since they’re so wonderfully exotic, curvy and in the case of this work by Chardin, capable of wonderfully emotive facial expressions. That cat doesn’t want to just get a few bites out of that fish, that cat is telling you he OWNS that fish and will DOMINATE IT by eating it right out from under you.

And that goes double for those two hanging suckers as well, bubba.

Now go scoop my litterbox. I don’t care if you are Louis XV, never forget who really is the king around here, you powdered wigged fop sack of merde.

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Friday Art: Barbershop With Monkeys & Cats by Abraham Teniers

Abraham Teniers was a 17th century Flemish painter from a family of more famous painters, notably David Teniers the elder (dad) and David Teniers the younger (brother). David the elder (as well as some other family members) painted lots of cabinet miniatures, but David the younger got more successful, married into the family of Pieter Breugel’s descendants and became court painter to Archduke Leopold William. He painted some wonderful landscapes, scenes of peasant life, and some religious paintings.

But deep in his soul, a voice cried…. “MORE MONKEYS!!!!!” Young David also painted monkeys in various situations. Monkeys were a popular depiction of human foibles during this period, so you’d see them in uniforms gambling or running amok, that sort of thing. But don’t tell me Abraham was a lesser artist when HE paints monkeys carefully tending to grooming kitty customers in a Baroque era barbershop this side of the BEST. ACID.TRIP. EVER!!!!!

This one is only 9×12 inches or so in actuality, making it probably smaller than your computer screen. He might like silly subject matter, but his ability to cram small details into the space is up there with other Northern European artists.

Love that cat in the center, admiring himself and his new look in the hand mirror. Bet he leaves a nice tip. And check out Puss ‘n’ Boots coming through the door in the back. Famous, yes, but did he book an appointment? The place is packed. Every cat needs a haircut to look good at Rembrandt’s cat’s bar mitzvah that weekend.

Okay, maybe that’s from MY acid trip.

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