Clean House On This NY Yankee Crapshow

Wreck it. Wreck it to the ground and rebuild. This Yankee configuration is just a dumpster fire.

And speaking of fire…

Fire Boone. Fire Cashman. Fire the hitting coaches. Fire the training & conditioning staff. Execute the analytics people by firing squad.

Cashman builds a roster of homerun or nothing hitters who strikeout more often than not. The hitting coaches encourage this with garbage like launch angles and velocity. The training & conditioning staff preside over one of the most perennially injured teams in the sport, especially driving pitchers to the Tommy John list. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nestor Cortez join that list in the next few days. Get rid of Boone since he’s part of the old regime & is only there to carry out whatever the spreadsheet says anyway.

Try to unload Stanton despite the contract. Get rid of Hicks, Donaldson, Higashioka, Kiner-Felefa, and possibly LeMeheiu since they can’t hit. Deal Torres while you can still get something for him. Get rid of Montas. The rest of the pitching, if healthy, is still decent.

Re-sign Judge. Keep Rizzo & all the young talent coming up like Cabrera, Peraza, Florial, etc. Add contact hitters, spray hitters, hitters with speed and coach them to hit for contact, get balls in play, anything. Run the bases, hit and run, play small ball to mess with pitchers.

Did I mention setting the analytics staff on fire, or was it lethal injection? Never mind.

Get a hitting coach who thinks like Rod Carew. Get a manager who is a clubhouse leader commanding respect who actually manages a game without being micromanaged by numbers schmucks. Get a general manager who knows how to maintain this style of baseball in the lineup. And hire training and conditioning people who – get this, it’s such a novel idea – KEEP PLAYERS HEALTHY AND AVOID INJURIES.

It’s been painful to watch this team suck since July. Judge’s season was the only bright spot. He was the only reason they even made it into the post-season where I sat there knowing in my little heart of hearts that erratic hitting & an injury decimated bullpen would add up to losing a series, if not in the divisional then definitely to Houston, who had owned them all year.

And they won’t do any of the things I’ve written about here. The current set up is profitable. They’re competitive enough to sell tickets & merch and provide fans with season after season of false hope. They can rely on longtime loyalty to keep people from bailing.

I’ve been a fan for over 50 years. I’m old and angry and tired. I might also be bailing if this garbage continues. I’m not married to any team (especially now that Jeter’s gone, the sex just isn’t the same & there are no gift baskets).

I am also not so entitled as a fan that I think the Yankees should win the World Series every year like in the 1950s. I’m realistic about how the game works now. But I’m just fed up with such predictable failure along consistent lines year after year and then seeing the underlying issues go unaddressed by the same failing people in the decision making positions.

Fire. Them. All.

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