Football Picks, Weekend of September 21-22, 2019

I’m relieved to see the Pats have released Antonio Brown. He made a lot of money for one game, but he’s just not worth all the drama and baggage he brings. They have a light schedule for the first half of the season and they’ll get N’Keal Harry back for the second half.

So here’s hoping the strength & training coaches for the Yankees don’t moonlight for the Pats, giving them the never-ending rash of injuries that’s plagued my baseball team all friggin year.

While I didn’t do too well last week with my picks, I will stick to the same historic analysis theory I’ve mostly been working with since I believe it will be successful over the long haul. SO THERE. Season totals are 11-8-1 so far.

I’ve identified my stronger-Spidey-sense picks in italics.

College games:

UCF -11 over Pitt

Northwestern +9 against Michigan State

Syracuse -4 1/2 over Western Michigan

Wisconsin -3 over Michigan

Arizona State – 8 1/2 over Colorado

Georgia State +3 against Texas State

LSU -24 1/2 over Vanderbilt

Appalachian State + 2 1/2 against North Carolina (probably my strongest inkling to be honest, based on the historic patterns)

UAB -10 1/2 over Southern Alabama

Georgia -14 1/2 over Notre Dame

Washington State -18 1/2 over UCLA

Pro Games:

Packers -7 over Broncos

Rams -3 over Browns

and I gotta take the Pats -21 1/2 over the Jets. As much as you never see NFL spreads that big, the Jets look just awful, the Pats look great, and it’s in Foxboro. I’d also lean towards the Cowboys covering their huge 22 1/2 point spread over the clearly-tanking Dolphins. Oh why not… I’ll pick the Cowboys to cover.

So there ya go, 15 SURE WINNERS! And all for free… I’m just too damn generous, aren’t I?

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