Football Picks For The Weekend of September 13-15, 2019

You woulda won money taking my advice last week. Did you?

I told myself if I got 7 out my 9 picks last week, I’d open up some offshore web sportsbook account since it looks like the long arm of the law doesn’t really care about them anymore. Thanks to a recent Supreme Court decision, numerous states have begun to legalize sports betting and make it available. California will get around to it at some point, despite how amazingly stupid the state government is out here.

But so far it’s all academic… I went 6-2-1. Not bad, I admit, but I have to keep my promise to myself. I didn’t make 7, and even if the Rams covered the final spread of 2.5, I had taken them at 3. Gotta be fair. And considering how I yelled angrily at my TV over some ref calls in the Saints game where all I had on the line was my ego (priceless, I know), maybe it’ll be better for my general health if I don’t bet real money on this nonsense every week.

But I’m back again, with more picks that YOU can feel free to bet. Most of them are college games. Week 2 of the NFL is always loaded with overreactions to week 1, and all of the lopsided scores of last week (including the happy Patriots one) mess with my analysis of spreads. So I’m passing on most of Sunday’s NFL action, except for 2 games:

I think the Chiefs will continue to roll as they often do in September, and cover 7 over the Raiders. I’m going with the Broncos being bad last week being more important than the Raiders being good. I’ll also pick the Saints again, even if they didn’t cover last week. They’re getting 2 1/2 points against the Rams, and they GOTTA be obsessed with avenging that non-call from last year. And the Rams last week didn’t look all that overpowering.

College picks:

Wake Forest -3 over North Carolina (Wake usually covers small spreads like that)

Boston College -21 over Kansas (Kansas is pretty bad, and BC is off to a good start this year)

NC State -6 1/2 over W. Virginia (West VA is also pretty bad)

Cincinnati -16.5 over Miami Ohio (Bearcats at home tend to cover big spreads like this)

Penn State -17 1/2 over Pitt (Penn State has a powerful offense and Pitt won’t stop them from rolling up points)

Army +17 against UTSA (Army, like last week, does well when they get a lot of points like this. And UTSA is AWFUL against the spread in general)

Kent State +35 1/2 against Auburn (Auburn will win, but I don’t think they’ll cover)

Oklahoma -23 1/2 over UCLA (UCLA has looked just AWFUL so far)

N Illinois +14 against Nebraska (Nebraska weak against the spread here)

So there you have it – 11 picks this week. Get ready to go 11-0 with me. That’s a 2400-1 parlay bet, ya know.

I dare ya!

I’ll be yelling at my TV in the meantime.

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