Larry Storch Tested For James Bond

Little known outside of Hollywood lore, when Sean Connery quit playing Bond the first time after You Only Live Twice, numerous actors were tested to replace him before they settled on unknown Australian model George Lazenby.

Adam West was one. And while they were bringing in television actors whose series were over with, they brought in Larry Storch, who assumed somewhat of a make-over for publicity shots like the one above.

Thanks for clicking on the fold! So here’s where I can admit I made this all up when I came across this old pic of Larry Storch doing his best Darren Stevens impression.

I hope you were fooled for at least a moment… admit it – wasn’t it a WONDERFUL moment? For a brief few seconds, you inhabited a universe where LARRY FRICKIN STORCH was nearly JAMES BOND!!!!

You WANT to live in that universe FOREVER! ADMIT IT!!!!

I’d love to think he actually tested for Bond. I’d love even more if he’d tested for Blofeld, or best of all, for Pussy Galore. Especially if Forest “Sorry, Milton Took Out Enough To Win” Tucker played Goldfinger. Best! Bond! EVER!!!

Storch is still around, in his mid 90s, God bless’m. Many years ago I saw him driving around in a fire engine red sports convertible. Nothing but the BEST for Corporal Agarn/Mr. Whoopie, I say.

By the way, it’s true about Adam West being considered for Bond before they picked Lazenby. West took himself out of the running. Not kidding this time.

And after West walked away from one of the most successful franchises in movie history, Larry Storch sat by his phone, fuming at the ignorance of the mighty Hollywood gatekeepers for scorning him. His faith was only restored when they asked him the play the Groovy Guru.

He’s evidently the oldest celeb with a giant Facebook following too, and still does live events. Go Larry!


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