New Baseball Cards For My Collection

Let’s have some fun with Topps’ Customized Baseball cards, shall we?

That’s right, you can upload any photo, set it within a few choices of Topps classic baseball card designs, and have them custom printed.

OR, if you’re a troll moron like me, you can have fun just taking some screenshots of imagined cards for FREE! So I think I’d like a 1986 Ro-Man. I think he’ll make all the difference for the Dodgers this year when he cranks up that bubble machine and kills everyone on Earth except for a small group of morons near Bronson Canyon in Los Angeles.

Unless, of course, he’s stopped by my 1973 Big Jim Slade

Yeah, yeah, I know… Big Jim really played for the Kansas City Chiefs (and the capital of Nebraska is LINCOLN!), but only baseball card designs were available.

Every team needs a captain.

“STOP THIS CRIMINAL ACT!!!” Always loved Dennis Dugan as this Mick Belker-following loon on a few episodes of Hill Street Blues. Dugan had a long acting career of playing little weasely guys or man-boys like Richie Brockelman before directing a lot of Adam Sandler movies and insulting some friends of mine in a story I really can’t put here.

Captain Freedom and Tybo make a great double play combination. And the analytics suggest a 50% increase in Vitamin A.

This guy is literally Second Base, I think.

There really ought to be bubble gum cards of Victorian post-mortem photography. Every goth kid can finally join the sports nuts and the pokemon crowd and feel a sense of belonging.

And perhaps some goth you weren’t expecting?

That’s from a wonderful Harlan Ellison-scripted episode of Burke’s Law, if you care. A wonderfully entertaining old show, especially if you like eclectic guest stars thrown together.

Damn right I put him on my team. He can be responsible for all of their tyrannies too, never mind psyching out the opposing teams with his dead-on impressions of Surak and Lincoln.

Well, you knew this was coming….

I wasted a half hour on this crap when I should have been making my shrimp marinara, so I’ll end with a cute kitty. But as long as Topps keeps up that website, I’ll have a new toy to play with.

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