Friday Art: Skeletons Fighting Over A Pickled Herring by James Ensor (1891)

There’s really nothing to say about this… except maybe…. I really like pickled herring. I’d fight both those skeletons over it.

Ensor was a Belgian artist who painted lots of offbeat, bizarre and often offensive works (love him already, dontcha?) who grew more popular & attained a lot of accolades and official recognition later in life when the rest of the art world, especially the expressionist movement he helped inspire, caught up to him.

A guy who once made an etching of himself pissing on a wall where graffiti read “Ensor is a madman!” eventually became a Baron.

That’s when Europe was Europe!

He loved painting carnivals, masks, skeletons… and often put them within larger settings or religious imagery. And They Might Be Giants has a song about him!

I think I’ll try to enjoy the rest of my Friday, but it’s as much of a struggle as those skeletons are having, to be honest.

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