Life Begins On Opening Day, 2019 Version

Baseball is back tomorrow, with the Yankees opening up with the Orioles at home.

All the predictions I’ve seen for this season essentially have last season’s winners repeating, except for a few people picking the Phillies due to all of their impressive off-season acquisitions.

Gotta say… I mostly concur, especially in the AL, where the Yankees, Astros and defending champ Red Sox are easily the top teams in the league. I doubt the Sox can win as many games as they did last year, but I can still see them and the Yankees at 100+ wins and fighting over division versus wild card with a 90+ win Rays team breathing down their necks. The Astros ought to win the west without a total collapse, in which case the A’s might surprise. The Indians are a safe bet for the central. Neither the Twins or White Sox can really mount a real challenge.

In the NL? A lot of people picking the Dodgers, but I dunno… they might have a real fight for the west on their hands with the Rockies. The central is a tossup between the Brewers and Cubs, the Cards are always in it and the Reds added enough to make themselves into the spoiler. I’d probably go with the Cubs if I had to. The NL east is a good race too – I wouldn’t count the Nats out even with losing Harper, the Phillies should definitely make a run for it, but I think I’d take Atlanta to repeat in the end.

And in the post-season? Well, who the hell knows, with all the playoff tiers and 1 game wild cards and who’ll be injured and what not. Whatever the hot team in September coming into it turns out to be will mostly likely come out on top.

The Yankees? Certainly could be – they got a killer hitting line-up if everyone stays healthy and the stars align. I just hope it won’t be home runs or nothing, though…. doesn’t anyone play contact ball anymore?? Stupid analytics, shifts and bullshit…. math is the enemy of this sport. The pitching is good enough, bullpen strong… but already some health issues with Severino and Bettances. And Paxton has had issues in the past. On the plus side, there’s no more expecting that certain loss on Sonny Gray day.

We’ll see. My hopes are up for this Yankee team, but they got probably the best Red Sox team in history (and that’s sayin’ somethin’) to overcome.

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