Why Is Ben Watson Spamming Me?

Every day for the past several weeks in my inbox or spam folder…. another email or two from “Ben Watson.”

Ben Watson wants me to claim my $1500 Wal-Mart award. Ben Watson has reviewed my job application and I should click on the link. Ben Watson warns me it’s my last chance to claim my Amazon reward.

I’m not alone, either. Ben Watson is cheating on me by spamming countless others who have searched Google or whatever to find out wtf is going on and then landed here on what’s become quite a popular post. If that’s you, welcome! Feel free to look around – click on the topics above for other stuff I’ve written about and be sure to check out my books! That will make me very happy.

And speaking of happy, Ben Watson wants me to click on the link for discount Viagra. I thought only Google and Facebook were datamining and spying on me. Who knew former Patriots tight end Ben Watson was behind it all?

I always liked him as a player on the Pats, who let him go as a free agent once they knew they had Gronk in the offing, I guess. He went to the Browns, the Saints, the Ravens and then back to the Saints again before announcing his retirement a few weeks back.

And when he does stuff like publicly call out Roger Goodell over the dumbfounding non-call in the NFC championship game, I like him even more, since as any good Patriot fan will tell ya, Goodell SUCKS.


Unless you actually ARE simultaneously running rewards programs for Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart WHILE examining resumés on LinkedIn AND selling Viagra AND Bosley hair treatments AND working for assorted banks I don’t have accounts with yet need me to click links to check on fraud…. no matter what sort of obvious email spam you could think of, I’ve gotten one in the last few weeks from “Ben Watson” as the return address. You’d think these idiots would be more creative than that… or else it really IS YOU Ben Watson, sending me all these things!

No wonder you needed to retire from the NFL. You’re just too damned busy.

Hmm…. unless I’m wrong, and it’s this guy who is actually spamming me.

Might just be…. I really don’t follow Premier League or care about soccer in general. He must be trying to get my attention.

I think I’ll go on playing hard to get.

37 thoughts on “Why Is Ben Watson Spamming Me?

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  1. I also have been receiving 2 to 3 em Watson emails a day in my junk box.

    What is so funny about them is that the sender is dumb enough to believe he can con people with them.

    He should at least change up the names so it is not always the same person who is supposedly reaching out to me about: (1) my bank loan, (2) job application, (3) tax rebate, (4) credit card, (5) Walmart gift card, (6) class action lawsuit settlement, (7) lottery winnings, (8) refund, etc. etc.

    I know there are many gullible people out there but GOLLY even Gomer Pyle would not be fooled by this.

    1. I think mine have run the gamut as well over the last several weeks. The only thing Ben Watson has not claimed to be (at least so far) is a Nigerian Prince needing to temporarily deposit money into my bank account. I’d rather have him pretend to be Gomer Pyle, come to think of it. After all, he was so honest he even tried to give $41.75 back to the phone company and got arrested for it.

  2. FYI. “Ben Watson” has appeared in my SPAM twice. “RE: Your Amazon Order: Thank you for your purchases this holiday season! As a sign of our app……” I have not opened and deleted.

  3. The unsubscribe is worthless…up comes ‘this page cannot be displayed’… the return address is phony…I tried writing ‘nicely’ to them… I get at least a dozen of Ben Watson spam emails a month. I wish he could be stopped.

  4. Guess I am not the only one who is receiving these emails. Under Spam. The “Click to Unsubscribe” has a line going through it.

    1. Ben’s authority transcends that of both state & federal government. I’m thinking he’s the head of some secret galactic federation behind all the abductions and probes. Caveat emptor.

  5. Getting the same thing and I live in the UK. I hate scum like that who think people are so thick that they will con loads of people. If you ever read this Mr Ben bloody Watson and I meet you in a dark allyway I will kick your bollocks so hard you will be spitting them out of your mouth

    1. Guv’nor, he’s a right bloody git, he is.
      Mostly unrelated but your comment reminds me: There used to be a spiffy department store out here in Los Angeles called “Bullocks,” and I always assumed ex-pat Brits living in SoCal would have found that inherently hilarious.

  6. I also get spam from Ben Watson on a daily basis. I’m at a point now where I expect them! I simply delete them, but it is annoying.

  7. Yeah… I get them from him to and it’s amazing what he knows… I ordered something from Walmart and I got an email from him.. RE: your Walmart order… and something about my appt to have my oil changed on my car. Its scary just have to keep on top of it.

  8. Sick to death of deleting Ben bloody Watson’s mails telling me,for e.g that more information on my ‘application for benefits’ needs more information!! How can I totally wipe out ‘Ben Watson’? The 4+ daily mails at least now go straight into Spam which are easy to delete but it would be refreshing to see him wiped altogether!

  9. Go to your e-mail settings to delete Ben’s e-mail address — info@stiltco.com or something like that — just to see if the crap stops arriving. I’ve also forwarded the garbage to spam@uce.gov. Lastly, I can’t believe anybody would actually click on “unsubscribe.”

      1. That’s what I thought but hey after a week yes he is back with more retarded ideas to get my cash. Just wondering if its just the UK and the United States he is operating in ? There must be someone out there who knows who this scum is

  10. I’ve had at least 5 popping up daily and it’s annoying, I don’t care if my nonexistent bank account is getting hacked, or if I got the job for a job I never applied to

  11. This has been ongoing for me in the last several months. Three alone today so, unfortunately, he is not on Spring Break. I think I have counted 6 e-mails in one day. Ben Watson must be so incredibly talented as a business person that every company on earth has hired him for marketing. Sadly, for him, his efforts are in vain, because I’m just not that dumb. Has anyone tried contacting or looking up stiltmediaco, the company his e-mail handle is from?

    1. My Ben Watson spams have ceased. I haven’t gotten one in a couple of weeks. They’ve been replaced by other crap from different phony sources, but it looks like Ben has finally decided to break up with me. I, too, felt it was time we began seeing & spamming other people.

  12. So glad to know I am not alone. On the first one I knew it was a spam because my amazon email is not the one he wrote to me on about amazon. I get a bunch every single day. Would never click on an unsubscribe on such frequent spam. wish there was a way to get rid of him. ARgggh

      1. I really wish we could get his personal email address and spam him via “Glenn Ratson”. Or at least send him a free trial of Herpes suppression meds.

      2. Lately my spams have been from “ABC Shark Tank” or the like. Nothing to do with start-ups or offbeat products like on the actual TV show, however. Just the usual run-of-the-mill spam crapola. Maybe I should complain to Mark Cuban.

  13. The absurdity of it all…but – somewhere, some-why – someone is actually clicking on his links…otherwise, why bother?If the hacker collective “Anonymous” ever wanted some good press, they should shut a few of these down.

  14. This article was hilarious! I keep getting spammed as well, everything mentioned in this article Ben Watson emails me with! However, I’m an IT I know not to click links, but imagine all the uneducated email users thinking they have unclaimed funds, etc., etc! Thank you for this article!

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