A Good Review, Just In Time For Christmas

Kirkus Reviews has given my new book Phigg & Clyde Save Breakfast the thumbs up!

Here’s an excerpt:

In this fantasy, Berkin (Cut to Wagstaff, 2012) forges humor and intellect into quite a sharp narrative. His employment of time-travel motifs is sometimes goofy, like the dwarfish Timegoblins, who eat vital artifacts and bring chaos to history. Other devices, like quantum linkage, help the siblings borrow their appearances “from alternate versions” of themselves, and introduce young readers to a complicated scientific field. Gastronomic themes also prevail, as time disturbances focus on the invention of the microwave in 1946; the creation of hot sauce in Louisiana in 1868; and the first baking of bread in ancient Egypt. The author offers young and older readers excellent wisdom: “Our world” is “an ongoing experiment of the dreams, ideas, successes and failures of billions of minds.” Timegoblin antics ensure an irresistible sequel.

This fantasy delivers an energetic ode to quantum mechanics and the culinary arts.  – Kirkus Reviews

The entire review can be found here.

Don’t I ALWAYS offer everyone excellent wisdom? I’m sure all of you longtime readers of my widdle blog think so.

Seriously, I find it interesting how that one line of dialogue stuck in the mind of the reviewer. I guess people… well, some people… are actually paying attention.

And DAMN STRAIGHT the sequel will be irresistible. Feel free to start sending me money for it now.

Set up a GoFundMe while yer at it.

Happy Holidays, all. I’ll be back with some movie reviews later this week.

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