Sky Bar On Life Support

The New England Confectionary Company, maker of those unique chalky NECCO wafer candies, has been bought at a federal bankruptcy auction by Spangler, a candy company based in Ohio.

I’m sure they bought it up to get the NECCO wafers and similarly formulated Valentine’s heart candies with the little messages on ’em, but the company also made other stuff whose future is unsure… such as Clark Bars and one of my absolute favorites.. Sky Bars.

While the wafers can be found in Southern California, the Sky Bars are few and far between, only available in specialty nostalgia-style candy shops like Rocket Fizz and the like, and they usually run north of a buck and half a bar. Oy.

The Sky Bar is a milk chocolate bar stuffed with 4 flavors that turn up randomly – peanut, vanilla, caramel and fudge. Part of the fun is the surprise by biting into each section.

Right up there with Crunchy Frog.

One time they did a promo with one of the abominable sparkly vampire Twilight films, with dark chocolate Sky Bars wrapped in “Twilight” themed wrappers…. and like other leftover promo candy, they wound up at the local 99 cent store in large quantities…


I really did – stocked my ‘fridge with maybe two dozen of the damn things at 3 for a buck after recognizing them as Sky Bars in a different wrapper.

Alas, those days (and hopefully that added weight on my belly) are gone.

I hope Spangler keeps making the Sky Bars, or at least sells the brand & recipe to someone who will. It’s my favorite candy bar, along with one that’ll NEVER go away, Three Musketeers (yeah, I know… candy snobs find that one boring,  but I admire its simplicity) and a foreign entry, the Ferrara Chocolate Torrone bar I’ll get at a local Italian deli every so often for upwards of TWO DOLLARS!

But it’s SO damn good.

Please, Sky Bar… don’t leave me.


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