Thursday Night Art: Chinese Restaurant, John Sloan (1909)

John Sloan is one of the better known members of the “Ashcan School” of early 20th century urban-themed art, pretty much the heirs to the Thomas Eakins wing of American painting. Sloan painted everyday life in the New York City of his day, mostly.

Sloan’s view of the city usually contains hustle ‘n’ bustle. He likes crowds, both small and large, and the people in his cityscapes go about their business quite pleasantly. Maybe not with the dreamy beatitude of Renoir’s Parisian cityfolk. Certainly not with the quiet alienation of Hopper’s subjects. Sloan’s city dwellers are a mix of attitudes, but everyone looks like they actually like living in the city on a daily basis.

I made some chinese shrimp tonight for dinner. Maybe that’s why I thought of this.

I’m sure you’ve guessed – I want to go to a Chinese restaurant where I can share my dinner with a cat, like the woman in Sloan’s painting does.

And keep those jokes about what’s really the main ingredient of the strange flavor chicken to yourself, mac. Nobody’s hurting that kitty!

But an hour later, you’ll have an urge to pet him again. Hiyo!


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