A 2018 NFL Draft Post

That’s right, sports fans. I poured myself a Sam Adams Smoky Lager (not bad, hadn’t tried that one before, the first of a new 12 pack Sam Adams varietal I grabbed), made myself a nice batch of some spicy chicken and black bean chili, and parked my fat ass down to watch the first round of this year’s NFL draft.

I’m mostly interested in who my Patriots will take with their 2 picks in the first round, and also curious to see where the high-profile players wind up.

The best part might be the consistent boos for Roger Goodell every time he lurches onstage to make the announcements.

I was a little surprised Baker Mayfield went 1st overall to the hapless Browns, but he might actually be a good fit for them – someone whose brashness and attitude is precisely what they need, minus the stupidity & excessive partying of their last big QB pick in Johnny Manziel.

I liked Sam Darnold from USC, tbought he shoulda played another year in college, and he wound up going #3 overall to the Jets. This means I’ll be rooting for him to get his ass kicked by my team as long as he’s there.

Josh Rosen, the QB out of UCLA and NUMBER ONE JEW in the draft wound up on Arizona. Even with all the people comparing Rosen’s overall personality & intellect to Aaron Rodgers, I just can’t escape the Jay Cutler vibe he gives me. I guess time will tell.

And my Patriots? Well, they used their first pick on a tackle, Isaiah Wynn out of Georgia, who will be easily converted to a left guard, replacing the departed Nate Solder. A solid pick if the kid works out, he was a great pass protector in college. For their second pick, they went back to Georgia for Sony Michel, a running back who looks like the replacement for the departed Dion Lewis. They passed on Louisville QB Lamar Jackson, who went to the Ravens after they traded to get the final pick.

I’ll probably only pay peripheral attention to the remaining rounds, and internet research whoever the Pats pick. They have 6 more total picks in the later rounds, 2 of those 6 coming in the 2nd round.  I’d assume they plug lots of holes in what was a sad defense (especially when it truly counted in the Super Bowl), and possibly go after a quarterback to replace Jimmy G in the who-gets-to-follow-Brady sweepstakes. It’d be typical of the Pats to draft some QB no one has ever heard of, like they did with Jimmy G.  But I think trading Jimmy G is going to haunt them. His great performance on the Niners and turning them around as soon as he started for ’em didn’t look like a fluke to me, it looked like their future. Sigh.

There’s always cat videos.


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