Spring Cleaning, 2018 Edition

Took some time around the NCAAs today to put together two big bags of clothes to bring to Goodwill.

Not MY clothes. I broke into my neighbor’s house and took theirs. I’ll clean out my closets another day.

But seriously folks… unloaded maybe a half dozen knits, a few dress shirts, a bunch of T-shirts I’ve gathered over the years and have NEVER work, some still sealed in bags, some pants, and an old blacker-than-black sport jacket with some too-big ’90s era shoulder pads.

Some stuff was too beat up to donate, so into the trash it went.

Some other stuff in the backs & bottoms of some dresser drawers might be worth salvaging, with some laundering and freshening up.  I’m a creature of habit, and once I got into a particular pattern of clothes, I stopped wearing a lot of stuff I had that’s pretty nice. Made myself a promise to work them into the routine more often. So far, so good. Finding them in the drawers & closet was kinda like buying a bunch of swell new clothes but not spending any money. I recommend the sensation. I usually only experience it when I rediscover some great book I bought, shelved to read later, and then forgot about for months or even years.

Which reminds me,  I ought to go through all the books and do the exact same thing I just did with the wardrobe.

And for the same exact reason – to create room for all the new crap I will surely go out and get next.

It’s not easy being me.



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