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Six New Shirts For Twenty Six Dollars March 9, 2018

Posted by Jim Berkin in General.

HELL YEAH! I love clearance sales. And in SoCal, just the cusp of Spring arriving in a few weeks means anything long-sleeved gets relegated to the “get this the hell outta here even if it’s for peanuts!” racks.

This was nice after striking out at a nice Hollywood wardrobe resale place having its own 75% off blowout sale. They didn’t have the kind of stuff I like in my price range… since the stuff I DID like, such as the Armani and Hugo Boss blazers, were still in the $100-200 range even with that 75% off, and I don’t dress up often enough to really justify that.

The big dumpy thrift store across the street was overloaded with crap as usual… but again, nothing this time, as well as in the book department.

I may have used up my luck quotient there when I scored a 100% Cashmere navy blue blazer exactly in my size for only three bucks one day. Not sure of its age, but by the cut and labelling, I’m guessing it had to be at least 30 years old, predating the ’90s let’s-all-be-David-Byrne big shoulder-pad phase. No wear on the elbows, like new! HELL YEAH!

Yes, I don’t dress up too much, but if I do, I like having variety. A couple weeks back I found a wonderful velvety jet black all-cotton blazer that answers the question “What would Dracula wear if he were a pimp?” for only $12.

The shirts’ll get more regular wear.

Now I just need to find a hat like that. “K” clearly stands for KICKASS.



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