I’m watching the opening spring training (even if it’s still winter) game for MY New York Yankees, against the Tigers.

I already know the outcome since it’s on tape delay from several hours ago, AND I DON’T CARE.

I’m just happy to have baseball back, even if everyone looks a bit rusty. I have high hopes for the Yankees this year, with the murderers’ row lineup they’ve put together by stealing Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins for next to nothing.

I hope they sent Derek Jeter a gift basket after they screwed him. Get it?

They came within 1 game of getting into the World Series last year. This year? Well, they ought to be in the post-season mix. Let’s see how things go and how healthy they are come late September.  Hopefully I’ll be savoring all the games along the way. I’d like to think they’re growing a young team akin to the late ’90s Yanks powerhouse. But we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ll tune into spring training games and see lots of A and AA players with uniform numbers in the 60s and 70s fight for spots. I love that Aaron Judge kept his spring training 99 number for his actual…. very Gretzky of him.

Judge is Number 1 in this year’s Topps baseball card set, a spot they reserve annually for major stars these days. (Although I’m old enough to ‘member when the #1 card in the set was last year’s ERA leaders or some highlight card). Haven’t bought sets of cards in many years, alas. I already have too much crap, and the charm just isn’t there, even if watching the game makes me feel like a wide-eyed 8 year old hero-worshipping Hank Aaron or Frank Robinson or Bob Gibson every now and then. Probably why I keep watching.

Let’s take a little trip back to those wonderful days of 1970s era baseball, and my beloved Yankees…

Hey, so who wants to swap house keys with this guy?

Wait, aren’t you in the pitching rotation too?

That’ll turn out awkward….

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