I Will Live Forever

Well, at least past 90 if this story is true. Turns out regular consumption of alcohol and coffee will keep me going year after year. Granted, I drink more tea than coffee, but perhaps the extra alcohol will make up for it.

And I met with a lawyer just today to start making out a will. I figured I ought to, since I actually have enough crapola to leave to people I’d want to have it. With my cat gone, however, this process becomes much easier – I no longer have to write up pages & pages of detailed instructions of how to take care of/pamper the cat if she’d outlived me. The rest are just THINGS, they can be easily managed.

So with California law the way it is, I get to put together a living trust, where I’ll designate a power-of-attorney for all sorts of legal and financial decisions in case I’m incapacitated in any way.

Even more entertaining is naming someone to make medical decisions in case I can’t – in other words, if I’m wired to machines keeping me alive, who gets to decide whether to pull the plug?

I asked the lawyer if I could auction that choice privilege off on ebay, or perhaps hold a raffle. He said he’d never heard that before, but that it might actually be legal. So, I may look into it. Perhaps I could grow the size of my estate exponentially by offering people the chance to off me, totally legally.

Perhaps a “Who Wants To Unplug Jim?” gofundme may be in order.

In the meantime, I’ll finish the Jack Daniels cocktail I just mixed. It’ll buy me another couple of weeks, at least.


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