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Wagstaff’s Picks Finale: Weekend of November 24-25, 2017 November 23, 2017

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

I’ll finish off the college football season with a whopping TWO DOZEN picks, based on the mathmagicland approach that gave me an 8-6 record last week, bringing the season totals to 56-58-3.

Spread patterns didn’t work as well this year as in past years. Teams were more erratic from week to week, and key injuries meant more in college this year, the way they usually do in the pros.

I’ll go over it a zillion different ways, I’m sure, trying to work out some sort of new tweaks and methodology with next year in mind. (At least the number crunching approach works for NBA games, at least so far…. although I won’t be posting those picks here. But THAT particular system yielded a 29-14 success rate in the first week of real tests. Next week? The second half of the season? Who the hell knows.)

Here are this week’s picks:

Toledo -13.5 W Michigan

N Illinois -3 C Michigan

Buffalo +5 Ohio U

UCF -10 S Florida

Florida Int’l +2.5 W Kentucky , also Under 55

UCLA -7 Cal

Rutgers +13.5 Michigan St

Purdue -2.5 Indiana

Wake Forest -11.5 Duke, also under 58.5

Iowa St +3 Kansas St

Kentucky +10 Louisville

Marshall -2.5 Southern Miss

LA Monroe +8 Arkansas St

Stanford +2 Notre Dame

S Carolina +13.5 Clemson

Fresno St +7 Boise St

SMU -8 Tulane

Lousiana Lafayette -6 Georgia South

Tulsa +3 Temple

UTSA +2 Lousiana Tech

Auburn +4.5 Alabama

Hawaii +3 BYU

Yup. I’ve got Stanford beating Notre Dame, and Auburn and the points against ‘Bama in a game that could go either way, but I think it’ll be a field goal kind of game. The best money line bet in the bunch would most likely be Buffalo.

I’ll post a reckoning next week. And now, it’s time to snarf down Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy my last day before I turn a year older tomorrow.




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