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Wagstaff’s Picks – Week of October 27-28, 2017 October 24, 2017

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

Another wash week (yeah I know, I could use a bath). I went 4-4-1 to keep my season totals at .500 at 38-38-2. Only another month or so of the college games, and I’m not crazy about picking NFL this season since everyone is beating everyone else.

And while I’ve been branching out towards NBA and NHL picks, on paper anyway, I really don’t think I’ll be posting those here. I probably shouldn’t post the football picks that much and blog about other stuff, but I’d rather NOT blog about the next Wagstaff mystery in the works until it’s done, and that’ll be only God knows when.

Sorta like other books in the pipeline. That pipeline, I believe, runs to Alaska at this point. Oy.

In any case, I’m not too bad at picking games in sports like basketball and hockey where I know next to nothing compared to football and baseball. Maybe that’s the key. I’m 8-2 (money line only) so far in the NHL and 3-3 (with spreads) in the NBA.

No one is signing me up for a fat contract at Barstool or elsewhere, however. Meh.

The Yankees went further than I ever thought they would this year, although they fell short of the World Series by a hair. It turned out to be a lot more like the 1995 Yankees rather than the 1996 team, but I think the history-rhymes version of that late ’90s run is coming up soon.

The Patriots defense looked a HELL of a lot better against the Falcons on Sunday night, and hopefully will continue to play at this level or better in the second half of the season.

I just finished watching the Dodgers look pretty damn good in Game 1, and landed on the 2nd half of Slap Shot while channel surfing. So it’s all good!

Anyway, here are this week’s picks, starting with two Friday games:

Boston College plus 3 against Florida State

SMU by 10 over Tulsa

Wake Forest plus 2 1/2 against Louisville

Rutgers plus 23 1/2 against Michigan

Marshall by 17 over Florida International

Virginia plus 3 1/2 against Pittsburgh

Notre Dame by 7 over NC State

North Texas by 12 over Old Dominion

Let’s see if I can climb above even money this week.



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