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Wagstaff’s Picks: Weekend of October 19-21, 2017 October 18, 2017

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

I ran the table with last week’s choices, going a PERFECT 7-0! I can’t remember the last time I did that, not sure if I ever did, though I’ve hit 4 team parlay bets in Vegas on my tippy-top choices a couple of times.

It evened up my season totals to 34-34-1.

A 7 team parlay would pay 75-1 or thereabouts. Hmm…. maybe I WILL go pro.

Or maybe this week, I’ll go down the toilet. Who knows?

Still skipping the pro picks, and it’s a good year to do so. Everyone is beating everyone else in the NFL this year. I throw up my hands and walk away from it, even if the worst call in the history of replays basically gave my Pats a win last week. An ugly, undeserved win against a crappy Jets team, too. Doesn’t exactly bode well for their chances against tougher teams like the Falcons, Raiders and Steelers coming up. The defense has been pathetic.

But college games have been fun, and there are some great matchups this week, although I’m only picking one of them.

9 games this week, the first on Thursday:

Arkansas State by 12 1/2 over LA Lafayette

SMU by 7 1/2 over Cincinnati (the one I’m iffiest about, if you care)

Ohio U by 19 over Kent State

East Michigan plus 3 against West Michigan

Michigan State by 6 1/2 over Indiana

UAB by 7 1/2 over Charlotte

Duke by 8 over Pittsburgh

Idaho plus 15 against Missouri

Notre Dame by 3 1/2 over USC

A 9 team parlay payout is 300-1. Ball’s in your court, mac.



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