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What Are Dreams Made Of? June 27, 2017

Posted by Jim Berkin in General, Writing.
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A quick note relating to a dream I had last night.

Not a dream with some celebrity in it where the plotline gets surreal and bizarre…. sorry, I save those gems for the Wagstaff novels.

In this dream, I met a woman who complimented me on my hair out of the blue as I walked past an old now-gone drug store in a shopping center from my childhood. You’d think I’d’ve known I was dreaming at that point, but I simply stopped in my tracks and decided to talk to her.  Hell, overcoming my shyness and chatting about my haircut with her should have clued me in that I was in a dream.  But I guess I’m bolder in the dream universe, so I talked with her about getting my haircut and checked her out and see if I could get a date out of it.

Much like what I’d do in real life, I made a point of looking at her eyes while I talked, since I either revert to my “Hey, Jim must be on the spectrum!” behavior of looking away from people as I talk, or reverting to my “Hey, Jim is a friggin’ dirty old sod” behavior by looking, well, elsewhere.

So because of that focus on her eyes, I got to study this young woman’s face while I chatted with her.  The image of that face stuck with me when I woke out of the dream and saw 5:53am on the clock. I thought about the face for a moment and it mystified me.

For  the life of me, I have absolutely NO idea who it was.

I went back to sleep, figuring it might come to me later. It has not.

Wouldn’t the faces of people in dreams be either people you know in real life, or people you may have seen at some point and remembered enough for them to turn up in a dream?

Well, as many of you who have read my books know, I have a near God-damned photographic memory and can associate those images with times, places, events and what not.

And I’ve been racking my brain all day and have absolutely no idea where I’d seen that face. No one from any movie or television show I can think of. No one from real everyday life. Nothing.

So, either I HAVE seen it before and forgot, which is HIGHLY unlikely/practically impossible if it’s a woman I found attractive –

OR I have the ability to create human images from scratch in my unconscious.

I can do it with architecture – I’ve had lucid dreams where Medieval castles & towns lay before modern cities and I can see all of it in intricate detail. I can even look away and look back, and the structures remain identical.

But a human face? So many subtleties… so many nuances. I really don’t think I could come up with one out of thin air.

A composite face, perhaps? I took some actual memory of someone and basically Snapchat Face filtered it into someone else?

I dunno.

But at least in the dream, she gave me her phone number. Maybe I’ll have another dream someday where I call her up and ask her just who the hell she is.



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