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Random Baseball Card Of The Day: 1967 Phil Regan May 15, 2017

Posted by Jim Berkin in Baseball, Baseball Cards.

Regan was a solid reliever in the mid 1960s who had his best season with the 1966 Dodgers.  After some mediocre years with Detroit, he got dealt to Los Angeles in December 1965. In 1966, coming out of the bullpen to support the amazing rotation of Koufax, Drysdale, Osteen and Sutton, Regan went 14-1 with a 1.62 ERA and 21 saves to help the Dodgers grab the pennant.  And this was when 21 saves was a lot.

They’d lose to a rising Baltimore Orioles team in the series, and with Koufax’ retirement at the end of the season, enter a rebuild that would eventually result in the 1970s Dodgers, with the pitching rotation led by Sutton, winning 3 pennants. The immediate next few NL years would belong to Bob Gibson’s Cardinals, the Miracle Mets, Roberto Clemente’s Pirates and the nascent Big Red Machine.

He got traded later on to the Cubs and White Sox and had a brief managerial stint at Baltimore in 1995. He’d do a lot of minor league managing and minor league pitch coaching until he retired in 2015 at the age of 78.

78?? Talk about a baseball man!




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