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Random Baseball Card of the Day: 1964 Tops In NL May 14, 2017

Posted by Jim Berkin in Baseball, Baseball Cards.

53 years later, and I think there’s an excellent argument that this is STILL the case.

I rode an airplane with Mays once, some years back. First, from my seat, I see a guy who looks way too much like Willie Mays get on board. I’m thinking I’m seeing things until he walks by and I spot the bag he’s carrying has a big 24 on it, as well as a silhouette illustration of Mays at the plate. And then he put his hand on my seat to steady himself as he walked by, and I couldn’t miss the World Series ring.

He regularly wears it? I thought….

He took up an entire row in the back of the plane and smoked like a chimney for most of the flight.

When I walked back there to use the bathroom, I thought about saying something, but by taking up that entire row and burying himself in a magazine, I got the vibe that he wanted privacy. So, I just smiled at him. He went back to his magazine.

I still feel bad I didn’t at least tell him how great he is. And I’m sure he didn’t care, since that’s probably all people ever tell him anyway, except maybe “Sir, you can’t smoke in here.”

If I ever see Hank Aaron, I’ll be sure to say something. Fuck whatever magazine he’s reading. He’s gonna damn well know how great I think HE is!

Happy Mother’s Day!



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