Random Baseball Card Of The Day: 1964 Dick Williams

I’ve been looking through my old cards, and since I’m enjoying watching the Yankees and their young talent this year, I thought I’d bring back this category to the Berkin blog.

Williams may have been an undistinguished journeyman player in the 1950s and early ’60s, bouncing from Brooklyn to Baltimore to Cleveland to Kansas City to Boston, but as a manager, his record got him into the hall of fame.

He also won $50,000 on the old Hollywood Squares game show, and in his 70s, pled no contest to an indecent exposure charge in Florida for masturbating on a balcony.

Now THAT’S hall of fame material!

Back when he most likely confined his masturbation to the dugout, he took the Red Sox to the ’67 series in his first year as a major league manager, and won two world series with the hairy Oakland A’s of the early ’70s. A strict manager, he often fought with ownership, yet wound up playing for some of the more difficult ones like Yawkey and Finley.

He almost worked for Steinbrenner in 1975, but contractual problems with Finley prevented it.

He’d land at the late ’70s Montreal Expos after some disappointing mid 70s seasons with the California Angels and take them to some of their best years – 90+ wins and runs at the pennant that, alas, would never materialize for that franchise.

His last chance at a world series would be the pennant he won with the 1984 Padres, who finished off the then-still-cursed Cubs by winning the last 3 of a best-of-five before predictably losing to what was essentially an unstoppable Detroit Tiger team that year. He finish his managing career with a weak Seattle Mariner team in the late 1980s.

Williams died in 2011, at age 82. Despite his sour departure from the Red Sox & Yawkey in 1969, once the team changed ownership, they put him in the Red Sox hall of fame in 2006. Whether or not he masturbated on top of the Green Monster remains a mystery.

I’d like to think he did, and managed to hit the Citgo sign. But his low career slugging percentage leaves me in doubt.


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