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Wagstaff’s Picks For 9/24 & 25 2016 September 23, 2016

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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He's tanned, rested & ready to go!!!!

He’s tanned, rested & ready to go!!!!

So now with Jacoby Brissett injured, does Edelman play quarterback for the Patriots? Does Jimmy G come back with a banged up shoulder? Do they put facial prosthetics on Tom Brady along with a fat suit and see if they can pass him off as the local high school coach who really, really wants a shot at the NFL?

I guess we’ll see.

But it’s getting ridiculous. Maybe we’ll really get to see how great a coach Belichick is when he plays a game with NO quarterback and still manages to win.

Suit up Steve Grogan, I say.

Anyway, to my picks. Two wins, one loss and a tie last week. The ties always amaze me – on how well the odds makers can call some of these things.

There are a couple of games I’m including this week with the caveat that I think the result will be very close to the spread.

In the college games, I’ve grouped my picks into the ones I’m fairly confident about, and the ones I’m iffier about. I guess if I were in Vegas, that’d affect how much money I’d put on ’em.

In the confident column, I’ll take Ball State to cover 3 1/2 over Florida Atlantic, Michigan to cover 17 1/2 over Penn State, and Stanford to cover 3 over UCLA.

In the iffy column, put me down for Utah by 3 over USC, BYU plus 7 against West Virginia, Washington by 14 over Arizona in a game I think will be somewhere around 15 points (ugh), and Miami-Ohio plus 17 against Cincinnati.

In the NFL, I’ll take the Titans in a straight-up pick to beat the Raiders, and the Steelers to cover 4 over the Eagles.

By the way, if anyone out there is winning money from my picks, feel free to Paypal me a share. That way you won’t go to hell.




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