Oscar Predictions Reckoning 2015

Klugman with typewriter 4c

Only 15 out of 24, not exactly a stellar performance.

I missed the documentaries and score (I’m surprised a guy nominated twice in the same category didn’t split his own votes), I handicapped wrong on actor and missed editing & original screenplay. Some of the guild awards were not predictors, others were. Whatever.

I was also wrong about the memorial reel – they ended with Mike Nichols and not Robin Williams.

I got the boredom part right. The show was the usual overlong drawn out snoozefest it always is. Neil Patrick Harris did the thankless job of hosting, and he’s getting the social media blasts today that are to be expected. And so it goes.

As usual, someone totally unfamiliar with Hollywood or movies or American culture in general would look at the Oscar telecast and assume that American film is all about music. Why the hell does this stupid show, year after year after year, spend so much time on songs and production numbers instead of on, oh, FILM??? The only clips we see are for the actors. Nuthin’ else. EVER. And now, here’s another song!

I did not win the pool at the party I attended, but the food was certainly yummers.

And I got to meet Robert Towne & talk a little about movies with him. Movies were better when he was getting screen credit. But forget it, Jake, it’s the Oscars.


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