A Resolution For 2014


… is to get back to posting on this blog.

I’ve been away from it a while, busy with a lot of other crap (mostly my big move and subsequent Casa De Wagstaff set-up), but since I need to get into big-time writin’ mode as the second Wagstaff mystery novel is one of my 2014 goals, I’ve resolved to post to this thing at least once a week – might be a film review, a music blog, something about food, sports, TV, more cat comics, a rant, whatever.

Just something to keep things fresh.

The new abode is pretty much set up now & I finally organized a lot of the ENDLESS CRAP I had boxed up to either unpack, stow for future assignment, or begin to (eek!) unload on ebay since it’s not giving me any jollies all packed away. May as well as pay it forward (at a price, of course!)

Oh, and the next Wagstaff mystery? Coming together nicely, thank you very much.

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