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Wagstaff’s Football Picks – Weekend of October 5, 2013 October 4, 2013

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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The return of Wagstaff’s picks! I know you all missed it dearly and just couldn’t sleep nights, crying your widdle eyes out over your confusion on who to bet on (legally, in Las Vegas, of course… I’d NEVER want anyone to gamble illegally on something that hurts absolutely no one.)

In the past I made tons of picks each week & kept a won-loss record. This time, I think I’ll edit myself down to a few virtual bets each week that I’d consider the cream of the crop.

So here we go: In the college games, I like Ball State plus 5 against Virginia, and Oklahoma to cover 9 against TCU. An iffier proposition is Idaho plus a fat 27 against Fresno State. They ought to lose, but I’d bet small on beating that spread.

In the Pros – I’d take the Saints by 1 over the Bears, and in what I think the best bet of the weekend is, I’ll go with the Broncos to cover only 7 over the Cowboys, in a game I’d figure they’d win by at least 2 touchdowns. Don’t start betting against Peyton Manning until it starts getting really cold outside & the oddsmakers spot him too much after a string of wins. It’s comin’, trust me…

The Pats take on the Bengals in a pick ’em game. I never bet for/against my team – it’s bad luck. I only hope they can fill the hole left by Wilfork & that the receivers keep their learning curve going. The Bengals led by Dalton (Hey, that’s who Patrick Swayze played in Road House!) are pretty good.

After rolling over & dropping dead against Harvard, Brown plays URI this week. They ought to win it, but as my alma mater descends further and further into insanity with crap like “naked week” (without the obviously needed requirement that only hot girls get naked, but OH NO, not with all the politically correct crapola there…) I’m starting to care less and less every time I open the alumni magazine and discover yet another one of my fellow alums is responsible for destroying the world.

End of rant. Time for a beer.



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