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Been House Hunting… February 17, 2013

Posted by Jim Berkin in General, Writing.


… which is the reason blogging has been light lately.

It’s a ton of tsuris to look for a house. I’ve wanted to move to larger digs for a while now, and the recent uptick in the housing market out here in zany SoCal gives me what I figure is a 6 month window to get something decent with my current financial situation.

So I’ve spent a lot of time searching & visiting homes for sale, shlepping back and forth, testing out theoretical new commuter routes, etc. It’s all been very time consuming, both physically and mentally. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the crap to think about in buying a home, selling my present one, moving nearly two decades of piled up Wagstaff archives & collections… oy vey. First I obsessed over the condition of heating and A/C equipment, roofs, windows, kitchen condition, floor plans, cat-friendliness…etc. Then I moved onto financial matters of property taxes and insurance rates and crime rates in the areas I researched. Lately I’ve been poring over natural hazard maps of biblical proportions, dealing with fire & floods & earthquakes & windstorms. All Vincent had to deal with were silly ghosts & plastic skeletons.

I’m hoping I’ll be incredibly happy & relaxed once it’s all done… but knowing myself, I’m sure I’ll find new things to worry about. Bah.

Anyway, I hope to have some Oscar picks posted later this week, despite that I’m totally flying blind & haven’t seen any of the nominees. And I have a few pieces on some old TV I wanted to post. And hopefully an interview I gave to another blog about Cut To Wagstaff will be linked up soon.

So stay tuned!


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