Therapy, Feline Division

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    1. Cats play when they want to, usually when they have some pent-up energy to spend that feeds into their hunting instincts. My cat actually does NOT like to wrestle & claw at my hand directly, she only does it to signal me that she feels like playing & I caught in on video. I even tried letting her wrestle with my hand in a glove (to avoid getting scratched up) but she’s resistant. She prefers fighting peacock feathers or shoelaces, or chasing small objects like crumpled paper balls around the house. If your cat doesn’t seem playful, try different types of toys, and don’t come off as being the aggressor – that might be scaring the cat from playing. It’s almost a zen thing… BECOME one with the toys! Then the cat will look to you as part of play. My cat constantly meows/demands that I make her toys come alive for her!

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