Random Baseball Card Of The Day: 1978 Lenny Randle

  “Tag me again, but this time harder! I’ve been a very naughty baseball player…”

So what do you think? Is the ball even in the baseman’s glove, or is Lenny at a loss to remember that the safety word is “Tim McCarver?”

And to think I rummaged through a shoebox of ’78 Topps cards looking for the likes of Ron Guidry or Jim Rice or Steve Garvey… and this is the one that leapt out at me.

I always wonder about cards like this – did someone high up the ladder at Topps dislike the guy? Did he give the photographers a bad time? Or did Randle want his card to look like this? With Lenny Randle, that just might be the case.

I remember Randle very well – a journeyman player who often bounced between the minors & majors as he made his way across several teams.  He had an interesting personality, to say the least.

He punched out his manager, Frank Lucchesi, and broke his cheek. That got him a big ol’ suspension, but he returned to the game and went to another team.

I’ll always remember him for when Amos Otis bunted down the 3rd base line & Randle got down on all fours and actually blew the slow roller across the foul line.  The umpires got together & awarded Otis first base.

Then when a friend of mine was studying abroad in Italy, he wrote to me about the baseball they had there – and by then, 1983, Randle was playing in Italy, the first American player to do so. He clearly outclassed the Italian players and hit .477.

Ah yes, where are they now dep’t – as you may have guessed, Randle runs sports camps for kids. And according to his bio, he’s going for a masters in special ed for physical education.

Good for him! He’s EARNING that sexy pat on the ass after all these years.

2 thoughts on “Random Baseball Card Of The Day: 1978 Lenny Randle

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  1. I look at this card every once in while when I go through my ’78 Mets team set and I still can’t figure out the deal is with Randle’s right hand. I believe it’s airbrushed out (or else Randle was club-wristed). It’s certainly not on the bag or behind the bag, so what the hell is going on here?

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