Random Baseball Card Of The Day: Frank Taveras (1975)

Today was the day! I rearranged the boxes in my storage closet & dug out my original shoebox of cards to provide more material for this particular blog feature.

When I opened the lid, this card sat right on top of the various grouped-by-team assortments from the early ’60s to the late ’70s.

Tavares was known mostly as a base stealer, one of the guys along with Lou Brock and Davey Lopes that drove pitchers to distraction in the ’70s era of mostly power hitting. He led the NL with 70 steals one year, but slowed down as the ’70s went on and unfortunately was traded to the then lowly Mets early in ’79, which turned out to be a World Championship year for the Pirates.

But I love his expression on this card – he’s too cool for the room, all right – not just a ballplayer but the kind of man who reads Playboy, I suppose.

In fact, his projection of cool swagger on this card can’t help but remind of this other notable icon of the late 1970s:

Seriously – separated at birth?

Someone tell Les Nessman.

I dug deeper into the shoebox… I’d forgotten all the cards I have since they’ve been boxed up for so long. I also forgot about the phase I went through in the early ’90s when I added to the collection via some yardsale finds.

Anyone want a box of 200 Brady Andersons? Jeesh… what was I thinking?


One thought on “Random Baseball Card Of The Day: Frank Taveras (1975)

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  1. Taveras was a frustrating player. He would make a great play one inning and the next innning botch up a routine play. The two trades made during the 1979 season that were key to the Pirate championship were- early in the year they dealt Taveras to the Mets for Tim Foli. Foli had his best season in the majors and provided steady defense at short. The other deal is getting Bill Madlock that summer. Taveras and Moreno were stealing bases like crazy but Pirate fans celebrated when he was traded.
    He does resemble Venus. I’d never thought of that!
    Franklin Fabian Taveras.. I don’t know why I remember his middle name….

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