Random Baseball Card Of The Day: 1974 Ron Hunt

Every time I’m watching a game and see someone get beaned, I inevitably think of this guy.

He topped the league in getting beaned in his last 7 seasons. No one else even came close to the number of times his guy crowded the plate & took one for the team.

Makes you wonder why he’s choking up on the bat in this shot – C’mon Ron! You’re not going to hit it with anything other than your face!

Some guys still get hit more than others (It always seemed to be Jeter & Youklis whenever the Yanks played the BoSox), usually in the tit-for-tat that occurs when a pitcher or manager feels dissed by someone’s home run trot or perceived gloating from a team during a big inning or more likely an overall rout where pitchers or managers don’t care about getting tossed from a game that’s already a lost cause.

Hunt held the lifetime modern-era record (the top position is still held by Hughie Jennngs of the 1900s deadball era) for a number of years, until Don Baylor (always one to lean in to a pitch to keep a rally going) broke it, and then Baylor’s record got broken by Craig Biggio.  Hunt falls short of the single season record of 51 by only 1 – he got hit 50 times in 1971, playing in 152 games.

In 1969, he got hit THREE times in the same game.

This guy must have as many bruises on his body as Buster Keaton had by the 1930s.

And on top of that, Hunt was a decent journeyman infielder, playing with a number of different teams in the NL in the ’60s and ’70s. He made the all-star team twice and finished his career with decent stats.  Nowadays, he runs baseball camps for kids (bring your padding & body armor, I suppose.)

And on the flipside, we discover that Ron likes to go bowling. I assume when his team is behind in the late frames, he launches his body down the alley and picks up that 7-10 split with his face.

It’s for the team, you know.

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