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Happy Birthday, Derek Jeter! June 26, 2012

Posted by Jim Berkin in Baseball.

He’s still going strong at 38, currently leading the AL in hits & crankin’ them out on a clip to pass Pete Rose if he plays as long (another 7 years if he wants to match Rose’s longevity).

But what do Yankee fans like yours truly REALLY love about this guy? Is it that once he arrived back in ’95, the Yankees went back to being a consistent playoff & World Series powerhouse contender like in the days of old? Was it because of his leadership on & off the field? Was it the clean play in the steroid era? Was it the relentless 110% performance and clutch play he became known for?

Was it for stuff like this?

Or this?

Maybe… but I think what Yanks fans really love about the guy is reading stuff like this where Jeter razzes Bill Clinton or stuff like this where Jeter gave W Bush advice on throwing out that all-important first pitch when baseball resumed after 9/11…

But most of all, stuff like this, which I find wonderfully entertaining.  No wonder he’s got such a positive attitude on the field!

Happy Birthday, and here’s to a 2012 World Series win!


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