Wagstaff’s Inner Groupie Returns!


My favorite new record is the latest from the Cocktail Slippers :St. Valentines Day Massacre, a wonderfully catchy collection of girlband punk/pop tunes that will remind you of the Go Gos (hooks), Bangles (harmonies), Blondie (sultry vocals) and the Ramones (driving beat & guitars) – all a recipe for GODHEAD!

Who knew there were bands like this coming out of Oslo? Evidently Little Steven Van Zandt did when he signed them up for his Wicked Cool Records & produced this album, as well as wrote the title track and one other. They write most of their own material, and throw in a couple of great covers as well, one of Connie Francis’ “Don’t Ever Leave Me” and Leslie Gore’s “She’s A Fool,” two early ’60s girly numbers that blend seamlessly into the new material. Every now and then, a CD comes along where every song clicks, with no clunkers in the bunch at all, and anything seems possible… this is one of them. Highly recommended!

And top of that, I’M IN LOVE! (I’ve discussed this before….)

Now click on this link and sample the rest!

2 thoughts on “Wagstaff’s Inner Groupie Returns!

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  1. Scandanavia has been a hotbed of garage rock for decades. Nomads, Hellacopters, Turbonegro, International Noise Conspiracy, Ida Maria, etc etc etc..

    Gotta love a band with a guitarist named Squirrel.

    On a sad note, one of my all-time favorute garage guitarists passed on this week, Drake “The Kid” Levin of Paul Revere and the Raiders. He played those great licks on “Kicks”, “Him or Me”, and “Good Thing”.

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