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Regular Bloviating Will Resume… March 5, 2009

Posted by Jim Berkin in 1970s, General, Movies, Television.

harrington… fairly soon.

Unfortunately, I am (basically by default) the President of my condo association, and when our building manager decided to retire, every FRIGGIN thing involved with taking care of this place was dumped in MY lap, and ON CUE, everything that could possibly break or f-up in any way promptly did.

So, I’ve spent the last weeks taking care of plumbing, broken garage gates, broken front gates, broken drains, floodlights, you name it – as well as contacting numerous new management candidates & checking up on their references.

The good news is that the clock is ticking down on my time as Schneider, and this place will have new day to day management next week. Then, maybe between my regular job and trying to write a book and making more time for exercise and leaving enough room in my day for wasting time online, I can go back to writing little reviews and mini-rants about all cultural observations Wagstaff here for you to enjoy.

Gawd, did I ever cringe at One Day At A Time too…. back in the ’80s, part of the sitcom writer’s lexicon was the “MOS” or “moment of shit,” which referred to the inevitable denoument of someone apologizing & hugging somebody else, as opposed to that oh-so-passé finale of a comedy that, oh, WAS FUNNY. I found the ENTIRE half hour of One Day At A Time to be comprised of one MOS linked to another, sort of like a necklace made of manure. And it ran for 8 seasons! Ye Gods!

But I’ll always have a smile for Pat Harrington, especially because of his role in The President’s Analyst, a movie you ought to put in your Netflix queue RIGHT NOW whether you’ve seen it or not.

G’wan! Do it!



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