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Superbowl Post-Mortem February 1, 2009

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

Well, I said the score would be something like Pittsburgh 28, Arizona 24, and instead it was 27-23.

No wonder I can never pick the damn lottery numbers, I’m always just a number or two off.

A great game – back and forth momentum, but in the end – far too many stupid penalties and a tired defense that simply could not put a stop to the final Steeler drive. A decent halftime show (Springsteen is still the best live rock act I’ve ever seen in person, way back in December 1980 for The River tour – two 90 minute sets plus a bunch of encores for a 4 hour extravaganza – that guy certainly loves playing live), and no endless Fox promotions (instead we got all the promos for NBC’s failing line-up.)

I liked the Doritos commercials the best, I think… followed by the careerbuilder.com one, the monster.com one and I sorta liked the Jason Statham-in-different-decades one for Audi. The godaddy commercials must be bad since they feature top-heavy bims on parade and this old perv STILL wasn’t interested. And E-Trade’s new creepy talking baby commercials also left me cold.

All in all, a good game – not a blowout or a bore-fest… isn’t that all we ask WHEN OUR TEAM IS ROBBED BY DIVISIONAL IMBALANCE AND DOESN’T GET INTO THE PLAYOFFS AND


Still a great game! And now… we wait for pitchers & catchers to arrive at spring training in the next few weeks….



1. Ed - February 2, 2009

Best commercial, hands down, was the Conan O’Brien spot for Bud Light.

“Now ees ze time on Shprockets ven ve dahnce…”

2. Jim Berkin - February 3, 2009

I liked that one too, though the first Doritos one, with the guy breaking into the vending machine, was my favorite.

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