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A Quick Review: Zweiec Porter January 5, 2009

Posted by Jim Berkin in Food.
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zweiecHere was a very pleasant discovery – a half-liter bottle of Zweiec Porter, a Polish offering I took a chance on the last time I was loading up on brew from BevMo. Nice dark color with an amber head, no weird coffee or overly-chocolated aftertastes but nice solid body & strong flavor. I would have thought this one was almost a stout from it’s strength, though it had enough fizz to it to knock it down to the porter level, and it went very well with the dinner of chipotle roasted chicken I’d made for myself tonight.

I’ve tried a number of bottled porters lately, and while I kept going back to the Black Butte that was readily available at the local Von’s/Pavilions/Safeway/Whatever, I think I have a new winner, though it’s not sold in multipacks and is only available in the half-liter single bottles at BevMo for a couple of bucks a pop. The alcohol buzz it packs is also pretty strong, so perhaps it’s more bang for the buck, even if (ahem) I actually drink the stuff more for the flavor & how it compliments a meal.

Not much at the official website, alas, except for some commercials in Polish that only my ancestors of a half dozen generations or so ago might have understood, that is if they could hear them over the ruckus of the cossacks chasing them on horseback. I’m guessing it’s no mystery as to who was drinking the pints back then and who was “buying.” So, consider my snarfing down the half-liters of this stuff in my safe & warm American abode KARMA, and as I run it through my Jew anatomy I’ll try to tell myself my import dollars are going to the Lech Walesas and Wladyslaw Szpilmans of the Polish world and not the depressing number of antisemites who unfortunately still populate that place. But putting all that aside, I can certainly recommend this stuff strongly.



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