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Wagstaff’s Picks – Weekend of November 22 Vegas Edition!!! November 20, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.
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“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” – Robert Evans

Great, now I’m quoting Robert Evans, or should I phrase it as “Am I quoting Robert Evans? You bet your ass I am” since that’s how Evans would put it. But after all the weeks of virtual practice, this is the weekend where all the theories, methods & madness that comprise the preparation meet the opportunity of being able to bet actual money. We’ll see whether it’s good or bad luck in the end.

Here’s where I’ll be going for the gold:

In The NFL:

I like the Forty Niners plus 10 points against the Cowboys, the Ravens minus 2 against the Eagles, the Falcons by 1 1/2 over the Panthers, the Raiders plus 9 1/2 against the Broncos, the Cardinals plus 3 against the Giants, and the Chargers by 3 over the Colts. I’m leaning towards the Chiefs plus 4 against the Bills, the Jets plus 6 against the Titans, the Vikings plus 2 1/2 against the Jaguars and the Redskins by 3 1/2 over the Seahawks, though I might swear off that last once since both teams are pretty shaky. I’ll probably avoid the Browns/Texans, Bears/Rams and Bucs/Lions games unless I do well enough on Saturday to treat $5 on any of those like lotto tickets.

In the college games:

A lot more money spreading out here, but since I will be avoiding complex parlay combos, I don’t think I’ll be breaking the bank. I’ll take Temple by 11 over East Michigan, Army plus the 17 1/2 against Rutgers, Northwestern plus 2 1/2 against Illinois, Cincy by 4 1/2 over Pitt, Boston College plus 2 against Wake Forest, Ohio State by 21 over Michigan (that one makes me a little nervous…), Virginia Tech by 16 1/2 over Duke, Maryland by 1 over Florida State, North Carolina by 11 over North Carolina State, Kansas State by 10 over Iowa State, Vanderbilt by 3 over Tennessee, Mississippi State by 1 over Arkansas, Akron by 2 1/2 over Ohio, Wyoming plus 2 against Colorado State, Rice by 9 over Marshall, Notre Dame by 20 over Syracuse (another one that makes me nervous), Washington State plus 7 1/2 against Washington in the Apple-Bowl-Big-Battle-Of-SUCK, Tulsa by 28 1/2 over Tulane, Texas Tech plus 7 against Oklahoma in the game of the week, Penn State by 14 1/2 over Michigan State (I changed my mind on that one today for some reason), Clemson by 2 1/2 over Virginia, California by 9 over Stanford, Louisiana Tech by 7 over New Mexico State, Boise State by 6 over Nevada, UAB plus 6 1/2 against East Carolina, Houston by 15 1/2 over UTEP, Utah by 6 over BYU, Minnesota plus 6 against Iowa, Arizona by 2 1/2 over Oregon State (another good matchup), Louisville plus 7 against West Virginia, Memphis by 5 1/2 over UCF, Ole Miss plus 3 1/2 against LSU, Florida Atlantic plus 4 1/2 against Arkansas State, Florida International by 6 1/2 over LA Monroe, Mid Tennesee State minus 20 1/2 against North Texas, and Troy by 9 1/2 over LA Lafayette.

Oh, and Brown over Columbia. I don’t care WHAT the spread is!

Some of the point spreads might move a little between now & when I place the bets, and I might wind up being talked out of some of those, but that’s probably the way it will all wind up. I’ll also put together a couple of 3 or 4 team parlay cards, but no more.

I’ve also handicapped most of the Friday night Hollywood Park card and a few high potential horse races over the weekend. I’ll keep an eye on them inbetween watching multitudes of football. My brain might melt from all of this, but I’m sure several pints of Guinness will bring it back to life.

In the meantime, YOUR brain can melt from watching this:




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