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Brown 45, Dartmouth 16 November 15, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

dartmouth-brown-1960One down and one more to go – with Harvard knocking off Penn today and Brown pounding on Dartmouth, Brown can win the Ivy League by defeating Columbia next week regardless of whether Harvard wins or not since we already beat them! HaHa!

Dartmouth used to be the power of the Ivy League when it came to football, but no longer. They’ve yet to win a game this year & badly need to rebuild their program.

Here you go, Dartmouth Green… cheer yourselves up with this sad take on your alcohol-fueled social lives. It almost makes me feel better about the wall-to-wall man hatred I experienced at Brown (such an injustice considering my charming persona), although I must admit that the author certainly maintains a wonderfully politically-correct Ivy league level of vocabulary as he blathers on for eight meaty-paragraphs that say nothing besides “Hey you out there! I’m not getting any!” That hefty tuition bill north of forty grand his parents pay every year seems very well spent, eh? Maybe they could take a hundred bucks of it or so and get the kid a hooker. They can’t cost THAT much up there in Hanover, and it’s also a wonderful long standing Dartmouth tradition! (Check the link out – the Dartmouth alum who hung out at the local brothel and bragged about his VD went on to be a US Senator. Some things never change.)



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