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Yale 13, Brown 3 November 9, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

bulldogs-fighting-bear2Well, so much for running the table. With this FRIGGIN’ loss to Yale, Brown is in a 3-way (hot!) tie with Harvard & Penn for tops in league, all with 1 loss each.

On the plus side, Harvard plays Penn next week so one of them will have 2 losses, and Brown has beaten both of them already, so unless Brown loses to both Dartmouth and Columbia (seems unlikely), Brown should still win the Ivies and then….

… go back to school and study, since the Ivies don’t enter into the I-AA level playoffs thanks to the stubborn elitist stupidity rampant amongst its respective university Presidents. In EVERY other major collegiate sport, the Ivies take part, even getting a ridiculous automatic berth in the NCAA basketball March Madness every year – but not in football. It certainly doesn’t help in recruiting. Bah.

Next week, the Bruins go up against the frozen fratboys of Dartmouth, who haven’t won a league game yet. Here’s hoping that streak continues.


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