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Brown 34, Penn 27 November 1, 2008

Posted by Jim Berkin in Football.

It was the first time I’ve seen Brown actually play in more than twenty years, thanks to Versus Network, and seeing them win the game that might determine the Ivy champion for 2008 was definitely enjoyable. I liked that they showed us Coach Phil Estes’ pep talk before the game, where he told my Bruin brethren how they were GONNA GET SOME RESPECT and GO OUT THERE AND POUND PENN and show them some BRUIN FOOTBALL!!!! YEAH!!!!

They should have cut to the Penn coach telling his guys “Don’t worry, you’re gonna go to Wall Street and earn a hundred times what those birkenstocked glue sniffing crackheads are gonna make after they blow their trust funds following the Phish tour, that is when they remember what day it is after passing out from vomiting up the half-dozen Red Bulls and bags of Skittles they had for breakfast.”

It would have provided more balance.

Despite a shaky pass defense, the offense rolled along & took advantage of a whopping four Penn turnovers to keep adding points. When they got it to 34-10, they started to go to sleep, however… missing an extra point and then allowing Penn to get back into it with a great offensive drive of their own. Then despite batting a pass in the air & intercepting it on the 11 yard line, Brown was once again bested by Penn’s special teams when they blocked a punt in the end zone and scored a touchdown. Thanks to legacy player Buddy Farnham’s recovery of an onside kick, the game was then iced.

One of Buddy’s uncles played Brown football while I was there, and his dad and another uncle played back in the ’70s. As for my family, I come from a long line of people who used the bathrooms while on the Brown campus, so I feel a sort of kinship.

Their next test will be Yale, who are shakier than they’ve been in the past, followed by the weaker Dartmouth & Columbia. I’m thinking Brown might run the table here, something they’ve never done.

And despite my continuing piss-poor performance in my all-around college picks, I won a REAL bet on this game with my Penn-alum brother! That’s right – you can stack all my virtual/non-existent losses on one side of the scale, and on the other…. SIX ACTUAL CANDY BARS!!!!

I’M RICH!!!!



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